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Heather Kuhnheim

Professional Advisor

Heather is a Cal Berkeley Certified Executive Coach and Founder of A Project Called Life, an organization setting out to change the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Her organization currently offers professional coaching, conscious communication training and strategic advising to purpose-driven brands and communities. Prior to starting her company, she spent close to a decade scaling a premium apparel company based in San Francisco from start-up to national brand. As the VP of Retail & People, she led the expansion from 1 to 47 stores across the US, grew the retail team from 5 to 300 employees and oversaw all strategic functions of the retail channel.

Heather spent the better part of her life on a journey through personal, professional and spiritual development. She quite literally believes that you can do, be, or become anything, as long as you’re doing the thing that makes you feel alive. She pulls this “believe in the impossible” attitude into any partnership or collaboration, and is recognized for being a champion of vibrant, unique and life-giving company cultures.

Heather’s unique background has led her to be highly skilled in full range of areas, including: change and conflict management; creating and/or realigning systems; hiring, training and developing top performing leaders across multiple functions; creating a unique future for an organization and it’s stakeholders; maximizing operational efficiency and ROI using defined metrics; and a mindful openness to different and creative ways of doing things.

Personally, Heather is an outdoor enthusiast and just recently converted a box van to a tiny-house-on-wheels. She runs her business on the road while traveling the country full-time. She enjoys small artisan towns with big personalities, yoga, meditation, organizing community events, hiking mountains, swimming in alpine lakes and saying yes to new adventures that expand her mind and creativity.

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