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Aptology helps companies understand behavior from the start.

With Aptology, companies get people intelligence as a platform. That means leaders have insights about their people and decision support to align teams to desired outcomes based on objective performance.

Using Aptology’s platform, customers like Google Cloud, Oracle, and ADP are able to:


  • Identify what makes top performers stand out in their role
  • Understand their current teams, including who to retain; who to develop (and how); where to pivot – those that may be a better fit in another role
  • Sift through external and internal candidates objectively with a focus on quality and behavioral fit to the role
  • Promote retention and leverage investment with internal mobility and career development 
  • Build organizational intelligence and resilience that survives management departures
  • Increase talent pools and improve diversity and inclusion as behavioral data does not rely on university names or predetermined, narrowing keywords

Aptology customers have experienced 2.7x revenue lift and 35% decrease in unwanted attrition. It’s not magic. It’s understanding behavior at scale and how it relates to performance in your organization

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