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SkillSurvey Reference® is a cloud-based, data-driven solution that helps you quickly access relevant feedback from people who know how your candidate performs on the job, their references.

  • With SkillSurvey Reference workflow you can:
    Simplify reference checking: check references in a matter of minutes – and get feedback within a day or two. Choose from hundreds of job-specific surveys, packed with questions about the soft skills that lead to success – or design your own survey questions. You’ll get access to data that’s been proven to predict post-hire success.
  • Improve talent selection. Enhance your hiring process and shorten time-to-fill with consistent, best practice reference checks that reduce bias and help you find candidates who will stick. Enhance hiring manager satisfaction by providing detailed job-specific reference feedback, candidate summaries and behavioral interview guides.
  • Reduce turnover. Client research results show involuntary turnover can be reduced by over 35% (in just the first year).

With SkillSurvey Source, you can:

  • Expand your talent network. Tap into a new source of passive candidates by inviting references to join your talent community and requesting candidates to provide referrals to discover a new, and ever-growing talent pipeline.
  • Clients see 15% to 20% opt-in rate. That’s warm, potential candidates, coming from the same job family, industry, geography, and/or community as the candidate. You can search, create talent pipelines for specific talent, have automated nurturing emails go out in a sequence over a year, and manually send emails as well.

SkillSurvey Post-Hire™

  • SkillSurvey’s Post-Hire solution delivers the crucial insights needed to secure the investment made in your most valuable asset — your people.
  • From first look to first year and beyond, our automated surveys enable you to pinpoint and identify strengths and opportunities of your people and key processes. Generate a predictive model of who is the right fit for your organization, what motivates them, what keeps them engaged and what you can do to better retain them.

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