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Complimentary HR Performance Index
Provide us with 5 simple data points, get the HR effectiveness report within 24 hours.

Think-X scientifically discovers and activates human potential by creating more effective thinking patterns.  Growth-minded individuals and coaches use Think-X to measurably improve personal performance while HR professionals, managers, and recruiters use Think-X analytics to make more predictive hiring and strategic team decisions.


The process starts with a patented, validated, and EEOC-compliant Think-X Discover diagnostic which identifies 12 Human Potential Indicators (HPIs) that help or hold back effective thinking. The resulting analytics automatically customize the Think-X Activate ecoaching system that can be used independently, in a small group, or with a Think-X Certified Coach. Ongoing personalized self-development and accountability are provided through the expert-curated Think-Xchange community.


Find out how to activate your own, your organization’s, and your clients’ potential at www.Think-X.com

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