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“In today’s challenging business environment companies need great resources at the point of impact. The four pillars of FutureSolve provide solutions for business leaders by leveraging unique high tech and high touch solutions- when, where and how they are required. FutureSolve’s team are cutting edge thinkers and have a long history of delivering excellent outcomes“

Bill Allen
Former CHRO, Macy’s

“FutureSolve brings tremendous value to organizations by combining strategy with future of work technology. They are on the forefront of technology innovation and how it can be utilized to solve for the future.“

Ceree Eberly
Former CHRO, The Coca Cola Company


“A single place of trust for operational and organizational performance”

Supporting Mid-sized Clients

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What sets us apart

In collaborations with our much loved customers, we have created ground-breaking solutions for operational and organizational performance.

Strategic CHRO Advisory Services

  • Get assigned a Top CHRO
  • Help with the hard calls & strategic decisions
  • Strategic direction and innovation
  • Executive team Support
  • Mentor and trusted advisor

A.I to predict and model an organization’s future savings and growth opportunities

  • Assess people strategy and business areas ( analytics + assessments)
  • Model and predict future outcomes
  • Form suggested strategy & improvements
  • Advisor help on implementation
  • Save money and grow the business

A.I to source, find & approach best fit talent

  • Source experienced talent by skills, experience, location and more…
  • Approach passive talent
  • Crawls 4000+ sites
  • Wholistic unbiased talent profile
  • Proactive pools of talent

Leadership and Technical Training

  • Leadership Alignment Assessment
  • Leadership University Content
  • Technical Training Libraries
  • A.I. Learning Technology to identify skill gaps & upskill people

Have a people area that needs refinement?

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FutureSolve’s Value Structure

Client Business Team FutureSolve Executive Sponsors Advisors Intellectual Property Technology Revenue Growth + Cost Savings

HR Technology Marketplace

View and learn about all the latest FutureSolve vetted HR Technology platforms available.


Talent Management

Compensation and Benefits

Surveys and Assessments

Join the Future of Work Conversation

Join Our Chief Human Resource Officer and Chief People Officer Community

FutureSolve offers trusted HR community network to support HR and business leader’s needs, and to help collaborate with the top CHROs in the country. Creating an account is easy and free. We look forward to collaborating on the future of work.

Chief People Officer & Chief Human Resources Officer Group


What FutureSolve’s Meaningful

Change Looks Like

Finding Reliable Talent Faster

The Future of Hiring is being proactive about your talent and strategically approaching them instead of waiting for an application. In this case study we talk about how A.I will disintermediate the old ways of staffing.

Team Alignment/ Agility

In this Case study we talk about how to facilitate the new business direction and accelerate growth. Using Succession Planning strategies, organizational design, 360 assessments and more….

Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation starts with your organization’s people. With the right leadership and support structure the business will grow and prosper.

Strategic CHRO Advisory

Get assigned a Top CHRO to help with the important strategic decisions to prepare the organization for the future. Acquisitions, fast growth, talent pivots & global expansion.

Leadership Development

Create a customized leadership training program delivered specifically to address topics that will transform the organization and strengthen areas for future growth.

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FutureSolve can create productivity and retention gains that equal to

  • Revenue Improvements 10% 10%
  • Dollar Impact

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