Creating Organizations of the Future

Meaningful Change for Measurable Results

Technology of the Future

We offer 50+ technology platforms and services. View and learn about all the latest FutureSolve vetted HR Technology platforms available.

Advisory Services

Get assigned an executive advisor to help with the hard calls & making decisions to prepare the organization for the Future of Work.

Performance Index using Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence, to Identify cost savings and growth opportunities. Study productivity & talent data then benchmark it against the industry.

Leadership Agility (training and support)

C-Suite leadership support, Front line manager training, org design effectiveness and more…

“In today’s challenging business environment companies need great resources at the point of impact. The four pillars of FutureSolve provide solutions for business leaders by leveraging unique high tech and high touch solutions- when, where and how they are required. FutureSolve’s team are cutting edge thinkers and have a long history of delivering excellent outcomes “

Bill Allen

Previous CHRO, Macy's


“A single place of trust for solutions and advisory services.”

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Why Choose FutureSolve

Trusted Technology Sourcing and Advice for Free

A unique Community and Network supporting you.

Executive Advisory services to help with your hard calls.

Company benchmarking against the industry.

Putting Associates first.


HR Marketplace Process

Step 1

View and Research Top Vendors

Marketplace reviews and in depth product information

Step 2

FutureSolve Advisor studying needs

Needs Analysis conversation with an experienced advisor

Step 3

We recommend and provide access to product demos

Streamlined demo and purchase process managed by our team.


View and learn about all the latest FutureSolve vetted HR Technology platforms available.


Talent Management

Compensation and Benefits


Surveys and Assessments


What FutureSolve’s Meaningful

Change Looks Like

Compensation and Benefit Plans

Help clients attract and retain talent through  contemporary compensation & benefit plans.

C-suite Team Alignment

Facilitate the new business direction and accelerating growth.

President’s Roundtable

Create and establish the president’s roundtable for portfolio companies.

Advisory Support

Develop and implement a new performance check-in process.

Front-Line Character Driven Leadership Certification

Training and development of your front line leaders.  


FutureSolve can create productivity and retention gains that equal to

  • Revenue Improvements 10% 10%
  • Dollar Impact

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