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Client Case Studies


The CEO of the bank was frustrated as he dismissed the large consulting firm from the boardroom after they presented an overly complex and high-priced set of recommendations supposedly geared toward driving their operating costs down while positioning the company for future growth. Similar to today’s challenges presented by the coronavirus, the bank was rebounding from the 2010 financial crisis and found itself in the lowest quartile efficiency ratio performance despite being in good markets.


In five years, the bank achieved top quartile performance and improved financial results, with a net income of $2 billion.
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Solving Critical
Associate Retention

Sysco achieved an industry leading driver retention rate of 80% which saves each operation approximately $500,000 and over $25 million company wide.
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Sysco had a big problem with attracting and retaining one of their most critical positions: drivers. Delivery drivers serve as ambassadors to Sysco restaurant customers. Customers need to know they’ll get what they want when they want it from a knowledgeable driver. Also, Sysco’s 5,000 drivers had a turnover rate of 35-40%, and it was becoming more difficult to fill driver positions due to increasing demand for drivers nationwide.


A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to succession planning does not apply as every organization has its unique mission, vision, culture, values, leadership principles, and business context. FutureSolve uses the Discovery, Diagnosis, and Delivery framework in supporting this one particular client.

Succcession Planning

FutureSolve helped this company build its Scaling Playbook in 12 weeks, and kept the organization on track for scaling from 500 to 1000 employees.
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Futuresolve Helps Setup a Housekeeping Business for Scaling

With the simple yet impactful strategies laid out by FutureSolve, the housekeeping company grew its headcount by 400% in just 1.5 years. The business also increased its revenue by 95% within a year.
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A housekeeping company relying heavily on its workforce to get the business running had plans to scale. At the onset of its collaboration with FutureSolve, there were under 100 employees on the team. The business' objective was to grow revenue and ensure support was also provided to the staff.


Strategic Execution

CEOs regularly identify strategic execution as their biggest challenge, and the top priority facing today's business leaders. Based on their research with senior executives across a variety of industries—and including firms like Marriott, Microsoft, SunTrust, UPS, and Vail Resorts.

by Ken Carrig & Scott A. Snell

Building Profit Through Building People

This instructive field book will guide human resource professionals and company management in their use of the profit value chain to build profitability through good management. Instruction for human resource professionals on becoming successful strategic...

by Ken Carrig & Patrick M. Wright

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