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Pay transparency has the potential to positively impact workers and employers. It can result in greater compensation equity and lead to increased productivity from workers who, through supplied information, see themselves as fairly compensated. However, without proper analysis, planning and communication, pay transparency could result in dissatisfied, unproductive workers. As legislation continues to be enacted across the US, proactive organizations are preparing for the challenges transparent pay policies present.


Pay Transparency Law Checklist

Is your Organization Prepared to Comply with Pay Transparency Legislation?

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Accessing Talent in Today’s Competitive Landscape Playbook

Finding and Recruiting Talent is a Challenge

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With record-low unemployment rates and skills shortages, recruiting and finding talent has gotten harder, leading to an escalating war of employment brands, recruitment, marketing campaigns and AI-driven tools to deliver recruiting excellence. In today’s market, talent access is a sprint, not a marathon.

  • Talent Access is the new Talent Acquisition
  • Companies get Serious about Internal Mobility
  • Agile Internal Mobility – From Rigid Career Ladders to Agile Mobility
  • Accessing Untapped Talent
  • Using Technology to Access Talent
  • AI for Recruiting
  • Candidate Sourcing using AI
  • AI Talent Sourcing Tool – QJumpers
  • AI Compensation Intelligence – WageScape



As the business environment becomes more complex, HR is increasingly called upon to be a strategic business partner. Delivering comprehensive HR programs and services that align with organizational strategy has become urgent.

Use this planning tool to:

  • Identify and understand where your organization falls on the strategic capability pyramid.
  • Create a roadmap to building your organization’s people capability, advancing toward the top of the pyramid.
  • Initiate discussions with senior leaders on strategic HR alignment and organizational performance.


Building Strategic People Capabilities

Shift from talking about being strategic to behaving strategically.

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Building An Effective Onboarding Program Playbook

Create a High-Performing Organization with an Effective Onboarding Program

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A great employee onboarding program is structured, strategic, and scalable. It goes beyond administrative paperwork to help your new team member feel like a valued, included, and successful member of your team.

  • The Candidate & Employee Experience
  • An Effective Onboarding Program has many Benefits
  • Onboarding is a Journey
  • Onboarding Centers Around Culture
  • Chart a Path to Success
  • Familiarize, Lead and Develop
  • Onboarding in a Remote or Hybrid Work Environment
  • The 4 C’s – Communication, Culture, Connection, Calculus



Given what appeared to be significant changes in the role of the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (or Chief Diversity Officer; CDO) and the characteristics of the people who occupy the position, the 2021 HR@Moore Survey of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) sought to explore these changes. We surveyed approximately 375 CHROs and 151 of them completed the survey for a 40% response rate.


Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Clearly the social unrest following the murder of George Floyd caused organizations to increase their efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

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The CHRO Role and CEO Generativity

The 2021 HR@Moore Survey of CHROs again examined how CHROs spend their time as well as how the interpersonal dynamics among both ELT and Board members.

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The HR@Moore Survey has examined the changing Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) role for over 10 years. In addition, for the past 2 years the survey has asked CHROs to report their CEO’s “Generativity,” a characteristic describing the extent to which the CEO engages in acts which promote the wellbeing of younger generations to ensure the company’s long-term survival. The 2021 survey was sent to almost 400 CHROs and 150 of them responded.


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