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Integrity and high caliber are of utmost importance to FutureSolve which is why we have only selected the best technologies that you could ever need. The HR systems and platforms that you will find in this marketplace have been hand-picked together with renowned CHROs.

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Candidate and Employee Career Development System

One solution to source, screen, qualify and develop candidates and employees so you can always make an equitable hiring decision.

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Mentoring Programs Designed By Experts

Effective mentoring is about more than just software. Our programs are impactful, scalable and purpose-led to meet your organizational objectives.

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Insala- mentoring, consulting, training tool

Mentoring Sofware

0.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

Keyhubs Matrix

patent-pending software for real-time 360, network, and employee sentiment insights

0.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

Think-X Sustainable Productivity Improvement Platform

Think-X’s patented diagnostic technology assisted coaching and human capital consulting.

0.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

Coaching Software

Coaching Software Platform

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Keyhubs Mapping

Influence mapping for organisations to understand interpersonal dynamics.

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With HR technology constantly improving, many software and websites are being developed to be efficient and convenient for end-users. By means of user acceptance testing (UAT), a new system is tested for its quality.

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