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Complimentary HR Performance Index
Provide us with 5 simple data points, get the HR effectiveness report within 24 hours.

Interim CHRO & CPO

Top CHROs available on an interim bases through a monthly subscription designed to fit your needs on a technology platform with toolkits and tools to help you scale.

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Strategic CHRO Advisory Platform Includes:

Access to Prestigious CHROs & Advisors

Toolkits and Tools to help scale a business.

Future of work best practices and strategies

Custom Projects & Engagements

SAAS technology platform enabled

Market Innovations & Solutions

Advisory Plans



Monthly Subscription

Starter Package 4 Hrs Per Month

  • Monthly Support
  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Technology Enabled
  • Tools & Templates
  • Initial Findings Call

Pro Package 8 Hrs Per Month

  • Bi-weekly Support
  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Technology Enabled
  • Tools & Templates
  • Initial Findings Call

Premium Package 16 Hrs Per Month

  • Weekly Support
  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Technology Enabled
  • Tools & Templates
  • Initial Findings Call

Custom Package 24+ Hrs Per Month

  • Custom projects
  • Individually Scoped
  • Advisory + Implementation
  • Tools & Templates
  • Implementation

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Meet a Few of Our Advisors

Ceree Eberly

Former CHRO, The Coca Cola Company

Chris Kunze

Professional Advisor &
Data Scientist

Bill Allen

Former Chief Human Resources
Officer Macy’s

Katie Hoffman

Strategic HR Advisor

FutureSolve Interim Director & VP of HR

Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors can answer and help on HR and People management areas. Supporting your HR department with process creation, evaluation and changes.

Executive Advisors

Executive Advisors are individuals that have held a C-suite position that can help executives with their hard calls. Executive Advisors can hold positions to support the board or facilitate company wide changes to move the organization to the next level.

Templates & Tools

Diversity & Inclusion

This is one of the most important areas on a leader’s mind today. Using the right tools to listen to the employees, monitor progress and take action towards change is important to create an inclusive culture. Connect with us on measuring tools and ways to measure progress using artificial intelligence and benchmarking.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the board’s most important role. It eases disruption, presents a path forward, and increases the value of the firm. We have three levels of Succession Light, Medium, & Advanced which is setup based on the organization’s readiness today.


Our Assessment tools include Human Resources effectiveness, Engagement surveys, Onboarding process evaluation, executive talent assessments, organization’s effectiveness assessments and much more..

Safety & Compliance

Having the right documentation, processes and procedures to keeping you in compliance as well as keeping your employees safe is one of the core areas of Human Resources. However, there are strategic ways where a business can be in compliance and not hidering growth and flexibility. Our Advisors can help create a strategy.

Team Alignment

Having the executive and leadership team aligned with the business mission and being able to execute together is one of the most important areas of operations. It will set the business up for success and will put the infrastructure for growth and scale. Speak to us on ways we can align and coach your teams on leadership and execution.

Performance Management

Design a Performance Management process for the future workforce using an innovative check-in process that keeps employees engaged excited about their work and truly builds a bond of leadership and trust with their managers.