Advisory Services

Executive & Professional Advisors

Advisory Includes:

  • NAccess to professional and executive Advisors to help you with the hard calls
  • NAccess to industry templates and samples to help you with people management processes
  • NFuture of work best practices and strategies.
  • NMarket Intelligence and Data
  • NA community of professionals to discuss the future of work
  • NDiscounted programs and events

Advisory Plans

Professional Advisor

Director / VP of HR Experience
HR Process help
Tools and Templates
Employee and Team Support
Technology Implementation help
Training and Development

Executive Advisor

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Calls
CHRO Experience
C-suite strategy tools
C-suite hiring
Re-Invent or structure a new HR Function
Global Expansion & Acquisition help
Board Participation
Future HR Executive Mentoring

(Executive & Professional)

Executive and Professional Advisor
Outsourced HR Function
Process changes and implementation
Re-Invent or structure a new HR Function
Strategic & Process based tools/ templates
Ideal for a fast-changing business
Technology strategy and implementation help

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Meet a Few of OurAdvisors

Ceree Eberly

Former Chief Human Resources
Officer The Coca Cola Company

Chris Kunze

Professional Advisor &
Data Scientist

Bill Allen

Former Chief Human Resources
Officer Macy’s

Katie Hoffman

Strategic HR Advisor

FutureSolve Interim Director & VP of HR

Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors can answer and help on HR and People management areas. Supporting your HR department with process creation, evaluation and changes.

Executive Advisors

Executive Advisors are individuals that have held a C-suite position that can help executives with their hard calls. Executive Advisors can hold positions to support the board or facilitate company wide changes to move the organization to the next level.

Templates & Tools

  • E Performance Management Check-in
  • ESuccession Planning
  • EAssessments
  • ESafety & Compliance
  • ETeam Alignment
  • EDiversity Training
  • Eand more….