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FutureSolve’s Future of Work Series

“Future of Work” series includes interviews and discussions around people topics. Select the topic below to view a short video explaining ways to level up your organization and transform the way you support and grow your people. People is not being looked at a core area of the business and the right strategies for people create a growth for the business.

Building High Performance Teams

About the Video

FutureSolve co-founder and CHRO Ken Carrig, provides a short vignette on The Four Key Elements of building High-Performance Teams. 95% of CEOs mention that their biggest challenge in executing is getting their executive team and the organization aligned to produce a high performing work team. The Four Key Elements –  Alignment, Ability, Architecture & Agility are explained. 

Performance Index using A.I.

About the Video

Discussing the process of conducting a Performance Index process to setup organizations of the future. Assessing 12 unique areas of the business as it relates to productivity and talent. Upon completion of the assessment benchmark the results against industry data to determine the health of each area. CHRO Dave Loeser talks about the steps and how to level up your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

About the Video

Diversity and Inclusion has been a topic on top of mind for a long time. However in recent years it has become an important aspect in every business as we setup the future of work. A sense of belonging for everyone is a focus for many progressive leaders. This brings a lot of positivity in the workplace as well as a diverse way of thinking to help with innovation and performance. Del Johnson, Advisor and VP of Orgametrics speaks about where can organizations begin and how to correctly implement a diversity & inclusion strategy correctly in preparation for the future of work.

Future of Selection, i.e. Staffing

About the Video

The staffing environment has been changing rapidly. How companies approach and find candidates has changed as well as how they are treated. CHRO Dave Loeser speaks about how “Talent Acquisition” is an outdated term. Companies do not acquire people instead they want access to skilled workforce. Here is a highlight about some of the innovations we are seeing today using artificial intelligence and more..

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