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About the Event

With the changing work trends there is a lot that an organization needs to address and be ready for. Join us in this session with Insperity where we will be discussing how PEOs are working to support organizations with the future of work. Everything from remote workforce strategies, healthcare and benefit changes, re-opening safely policies, and much more. Outsourced HR is a strategy many companies are choosing to help them be agile and address the rapid changing work trends.

PEO Services & The Future Of Work
( March 10th 12pm CST )

About the Event

There has been a shift is demand on HCM systems to support the employee experience. The Employee Experiences is driving a new wave of technology platforms. There are plenty of well-known players for the enterprise companies. There is an untapped market in the SMB space. Join us as we discuss some of the HCM trends and what the future of HCM looks like.

Joining us is Thomas Abraham founder of HR2Tech in a dialogue on the future of HCM software.

HCM Technology Trends ( Jan 14th )

About the Event

The pandemic has created a shift is work culture and strategy. Many employees working from home and communicating digitally in a whole new way. Join us to learn about how the pandemic actually worked to change CITI’s and TimelyMD’s work culture in a big way and some of the factors that created that change.

Joining us is Kay Wakeham Global VP at Citi and Jessica D. Willams Head of People & Culture at TimelyMD sharing their stories.

Work Culture – How the Transformation Happened ( Jan 21st )

About the Event

During these times 3 out of 4 employees express that their mental health has been affected due what has happened. Organizations have been implementing mindfulness training with leadership that has shown positive changes. However during these times we will discuss what that could look like if all employees had access to mindfulness training to impact their lives in a positive way. Increasing Engagement, Productivity and Leadership Quality.

Join us for this 1 hour session which will also end with a mindfulness exercise for the attendees to experience the positive outcomes first hand.

Mindfulness for the Workplace