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6 important advantages of using an employee time tracking software

Employees serve to be one of the most valuable assets of any organization. Managing the overall attendance, time, payroll, and other aspects are integral tasks that are expected to be carried out by the HR personnel or management.

Businesses tend to use an attendance system that is capable of tracking the time and attendance of every employee while keeping a record of the same. With the help of manual time & attendance systems, sheets or paper-based card systems are typically used -leading to duplicated data entry or reporting inaccurate data. In this context, an automated, feature-rich employee time tracking software can help.

What is Employee Tracking Software?

Time tracking in an organization is a part of employee monitoring. A reliable employee monitoring and employee time tracking software solution is responsible for recording total time spent by employees on different computer-related activities. It also helps in providing insight into work operations of employees like active or idle time, log-in & log-out time, and so more.

Time tracking automated solutions are typically used to automate a series of routine processes while making sure that the work is carried out effectively and precisely. This allows employees to maximize working hours and focus on subsequent business goals.

Time tracking for teams within an organization is crucial -especially if you want everything to be in sync. Employee time tracking software helps in managing time schedules of employees along with keeping a record of attendance data from any given location. It is a great solution for maintaining a precise record of employee’s time & attendance while allowing for maximum flexibility for any distributed team. Remote employees in different parts of the world can look forward to working on their respective schedules while accounting for their time.

6 Important Advantages

Increased Employee Efficiency

A paper-based time & attendance system is known to work for smaller organizations. However, the management of a large workforce in any growing business will imply there is more information to record, track, and process. With the help of a reliable time & attendance software system, managers can find it useful to detect any potential issue with attendance like misuse of time, leaves, and so more.

It can also help HR managers by making it simpler for them to review as well as approve leave requests of every employee. Employees can also consider looking at the available data to determine how they utilize their overall time at work. This helps in instilling a sense of accountability while eliminating inefficiencies in the workplace.

Easy Billing

Do you depend on your employees to fill out their respective timesheets? While you might make use of proper safeguards like managerial approval to enhance the manual process, utilizing a time tracking software solution will take human-based errors out of the scene.

Automated time-keeping software systems are better when it comes to producing objective, accurate accounts of the work hours of your employees. Moreover, when you make use of systems like a time tracking software solution, it will help in preventing dishonest employees from inflating their respective hours. This will help any organization save money in the long run -particularly by minimizing time card theft.

When you have the ability to extract accurate timesheets, user-centric activity reports will help in simplifying future audits. At the same time, employees are no longer required to be worried about handling their own timesheets.

Improved Staffer Accountability

Automated time tracking software solutions help in promoting employee accountability by recording the overall time an employee tends to spend on different tasks. When employees are aware that their tasks are monitored, they start working harder while staying more focused. They are also less likely to be less attentive during the entire day as they understand that their actions will be monitored.

Automated time tracking with the help of a software solution helps managers to look for employees requiring some help with their tasks. With an automated system within an organization, managers are also alerted when one of the employees might be slacking off.

Streamlined Payroll Processes

Modern organizations tend to employ a highly dynamic workforce that makes use of multiple clocking within systems. Remote logins, flexible time, work from home, and paid leaves options are available to the employees nowadays. Creation of payroll by manually tracking time & attendance of every employee, processing and recording those with time cards can be a challenging task.

With a reliable time & attendance software solution, all relevant data can be effectively imported into the system. Therefore, it becomes easier to create payroll for the respective employees. The administration is capable of using all the hours saved by the software solution to focus on other important tasks that are more productive and important to the organization.

Employee Retention

When employees make use of a productivity monitoring software solution, things become simpler for the management to identify all possible mistakes they will make during project execution. The time tracking software solution is useful for analyzing the overall performance of employees in real-time. It will not only identify common errors but the problems can also be rectified right on the spot. This leads to improved quality of work.

As employees are satisfied by their overall performance, it improves the chances of employee retention.

Project Comparison on Time

Wish to compare different aspects of your projects both during the past and present? Wish to observe if you have successfully improved the overall speed of a specific type of task? Wish to observe how the respective ratio of different project types will change over time?

If you are recording relevant data, then you can find answers. In this aspect, employee tracking software solutions can help in comparing project on time.


The software is capable of generating productivity reports in real-time for all employees. To improve productivity and efficiency of employees, a time tracking & attendance management software solution is of utmost importance to an organization. Organizations should trust reliable solutions to expect the desired results.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara