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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Customized 360 Surveys

Promoting Leadership Development: 5 Reasons to Choose Customized 360-Degree Leadership Surveys Over Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Effective leadership is at the heart of organizational success, and assessing leadership competencies is crucial for growth and development. While off-the-shelf 360-degree leadership surveys are readily available, a customized approach offers unparalleled advantages. The ability to fine-tune a 360-degree survey is the difference between a leadership program, and a leadership journey. Here are the top 5 reasons why a customized 360-degree leadership survey commits the organization to nurturing and developing highly self-aware and competent leaders.

1. Tailored to Organizational Context:

Off-the-shelf 360 surveys provide a one-size-fits-all solution, and fail to take into account the unique dynamics and culture of individual organizations. A customized 360-degree leadership survey, however, can be tailored to align with the specific goals, values, vision and challenges of each respective organization. This targeted approach ensures that leaders are assessed on the skills and behaviors directly linked to the organization’s vision and mission, providing actionable insights for leadership development initiatives.

2. Focus on Core Competencies, Specific to the Individual:

Each individual has their unique leadership style, and traits. Due to the differences in the way they manage, each leader will have their own unique strengths and areas for improvement. Compare the following two scenarios, which option would you prefer?

  • Complete an off-the-shelf 360-degree leadership survey with over 30 competencies and over 120 questions.
  • Complete a customized 360 with just 15 focused competencies and 60 total questions.

Why bother with overcomplicated questionnaires that ultimately lead to an overwhelming leadership debrief, and a lengthy development plan? Use customized 360’s to ensure that both debriefs, and development plans, are short and focused.

3. Increased Survey Credibility and Buy-In:

Employees are more likely to engage with and trust a survey that is customized to their unique work environment. Customization demonstrates a commitment to understanding the intricacies of the organization, fostering a sense of inclusivity and relevance. This increased credibility encourages honest and constructive feedback, providing a more accurate representation of leadership effectiveness. Moreover, leaders are more likely to embrace the survey as a tool for leadership growth when they see its alignment with personal, and organizational goals.

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4. Enhanced Confidentiality and Trust:

Confidentiality is paramount in leadership assessments, as it encourages open and honest feedback. Customized surveys can be designed with robust confidentiality measures, assuring participants that their responses will be anonymized and aggregated. This assurance fosters trust among participants, facilitating more genuine and insightful feedback. Off-the-shelf surveys may not offer the same level of customization in addressing confidentiality concerns, potentially limiting the depth of responses.

5. Flexibility for Evolution and Change (Finetuning):

Organizations are dynamic entities, and leadership requirements evolve over time. Each individual’s leadership strength and development areas also change over time. A customized 360-degree survey will provide the flexibility to adapt to changes in the organization, as well as the individual. Regularly updating and refining survey instruments ensures that leadership assessments remain relevant and aligned with the organization’s evolving needs, enabling continuous improvement in leadership effectiveness.

While off-the-shelf 360-degree leadership surveys offer convenience, a customized approach provides a strategic advantage for organizations aiming to elevate their leadership capabilities. The tailored nature of these surveys ensures relevance, credibility, and alignment with organizational goals. As organizations recognize the pivotal role of leadership in achieving success, the choice to invest in customized 360-degree leadership surveys becomes not just a preference but a strategic imperative for sustainable growth and development.

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Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara