Leadership Agility

Executive coaching and support on effective people strategies for the business.

Leadership Training & Toolkit.

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Leadership Agility

C-Suite Leadership Support

Having a strategic CHRO help with the leadership direction and vision of the company. What leadership attributes do you care about and how can you support your people to develop them?

Executive Team Alignment & Accountability

The Four Key Elements of building High-Performance Teams. 95% of CEOs mention that their biggest challenge in executing is getting their executive team and the organization aligned to produce a high performing work team. The Four Key Elements – Alignment, Ability, Architecture & Agility.

Org Design Effectiveness

Understanding influence, collaboration and how the company operates helps create an organizational structure that supports growth. Many Organizational designs are created without understanding truly how the company collaborates and functions today in an optimal capacity.

Succession Planning / Talent Management

Succession planning is the board’s most important role. It eases disruption, presents a path forward, and increases the value of the firm. We have three levels of Succession Light, Medium, & Advanced which is setup based on the organization’s readiness today.

Conferences/ Coaching

Speaking Engagements and coaching offsites with executive teams to help companies position towards scaling and success.

Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

Work with an advisor to prepare for a merger or acquisition. Setup the right people strategy to make the process an seamless and successful process for both organizations.

Front-Line Leadership Certification Program

Manager training on leadership to help the overall company to operate at its best. Our CHROs say if they have $1 left o spend on their people where would they get the most return is at the front-line leader roles.

Leadership Agility Process




Measure Impact

Client Case Studies


The CEO of the bank was frustrated as he dismissed the large consulting firm from the boardroom after they presented an overly complex and high-priced set of recommendations supposedly geared toward driving their operating costs down while positioning the company for future growth. Similar to today’s challenges presented by the coronavirus, the bank was rebounding from the 2010 financial crisis and found itself in the lowest quartile efficiency ratio performance despite being in good markets.

Solving Critical Associate Retention

Sysco had a big problem with attracting and retaining one of their most critical positions: drivers. Delivery drivers serve as ambassadors to Sysco restaurant customers. Customers need to know they’ll get what they want when they want it from a knowledgeable driver. Also, Sysco’s 5,000 drivers had a turnover rate of 35-40%, and it was becoming more difficult to fill driver positions due to increasing demand for drivers nationwide.