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We had the good fortune of connecting with Andy Najjar and we’ve shared our conversation below.
Hi Andy, what do you attribute your success to?
I believe everyone needs to focus and double down on what they are the best at. You will succeed pursuing being the best at that one thing that moves you and drives passion…

FutureSolve, a leading provider of human resources advisory and technology solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with DallasHR, the third-largest SHRM chapter in the U.S. The partnership enables DallasHR to offer its members assistance for funding and access to free training for HR professionals through FutureSolve.

Greenwich.HR and QJumpers USA LLC are announcing a joint partnership to deliver next-generation candidate sourcing and labor market intelligence in a bundled offering. This will allow companies to quickly find and successfully recruit talent in this fast-changing market.

Companies generate an enormous amount of data simply by operating. When corporate data is discussed, often it is in the context of consumer data, either what the company learns about its customers and their behaviors, or the data the customers provide as part of interacting with the company.

FutureSolve, one of the leading future of work companies in the US has entered into a joint venture with QJumpers and their innovative new A.I. Talent Sourcing Solution. The new company is called QJumpers USA LLC. This collaboration is the best of both worlds.

Effective at the beginning of June, Deborah Fulton has joined the Executive Leadership team at FutureSolve as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) .  Deborah will oversee the daily operations and  provide support for clients and the Advisory team.

As we enter 2022, changes in the manner in which we work, where we work, why we work, who we work with, and the technologies used remain in continual flux. Most of the changes started before the pandemic, were given acceleration by the pandemic, or go on towards becoming permanent aspects of the entire workplace.

Human Resources need the aid of advanced technology and high-end software solutions. Also referred to as HR management software, these solutions help the HR department and managers in navigating through a wide range of activities and responsibilities.

Artificial Intelligence has grown significantly in the last decade. It has been successful in revolutionizing the way a number of businesses are operated on a day-to-day basis. Lately, there has been a major surge in rapid innovations all across the world.

Organizations can grow fast –especially if they are well-organized and offer excellent products and services. For most businesses, Human Resource Advisory or Consulting can play a pivotal role in boosting the growth of any business.


Who is Andy Najjar? As the owner and Chief Operating Officer at FutureSolve, Andy Najjar is responsible for leading FutureSolve’s global operations. He joins the company with more than 15 years’ experience in the talent and Human Resources space. Prior to joining…


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