Artificial Intelligence Services

Using Artificial Intelligence, to identify savings and growth opportunities with People Analytics, Strategic A.I Talent Sourcing & A.I powered predictive assessments.
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Performance Index using A.I

A.I to predict and model org’s future savings and growth opportunities.

A.I Talent Sourcing

A.I to source, find & approach best fit talent.

A.I Predictive Assessments

A.I. to predict an individual’s performance using Assessments & KPIs.

Performance Index

FutureSolve assesses 12 unique areas of the business as it relates to productivity and talent. Upon completion of the assessment we will then benchmark the results against industry data to determine the health of each area. Delivering to you an AI powered analytics dashboard with actions that could save the company $1M – $10M.

Performance Drivers

 Proper structure (spans/layers/alignments)
 Compensation/Benefits analysis
 Revenue per FTE
 People indicators (retention, engagement, diversity)
 Talent assessment
 Cost of services
 Rev/Earnings Growth
 EEOC Claims/Legal Activity

Performance Drivers Mapped

A.I Talent Sourcing

FutureSolve has developed a unique A.I powered talent sourcing platform that allows companies to source experienced candidates based on skills, experience, locations and more…. The platform crawls the web and forms a well-rounded profile about the candidate that is based on true experience, publications and previous roles versus just claimed skills on LinkedIn. It helps companies reach out to Executives and Managers with a pro-active outreach that is much more effective than an inbound approach. This technology has been helping companies find unique talent needs anywhere.

Search By:

 Skills & Competencies
 Diversity & Inclusion
 and more…

A.I Predictive Assessments

Assessments for all areas of the business (Executives, Managers, Sales, Front Line Workforce and more..) that are benchmarked against your company’s KPI’s to create an artificially intelligent predictive model that is up to 95% accurate on expected performance in the role, retention, and engagement of the employee. Organizations can use this technology to find successful executives or even employees that can change the overall growth of the company.


 Predict: Performance, Retention, Safety, and Engagement
 Assessments (Input #1): Your own results or those from our preferred tools
 Company Key Performance Indicators (Input #2): The metrics (KPIs) you use to make decisions
 AI-driven Success Patterns – to analyze and define a success profile
 Decision Making: Hire and Coach using Data Mining Attribute Tables
 System Accuracy: 75% to 99% accurate models predicting employee-related outcomes
 Model Visualization: Artificial Intelligence
 Minimum Sample Size: Each specific job role needs to have a minimum sample size in the Study