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Andy Najjar

Chief Operating Officer


As the Chief Operating Officer at FutureSolve, Andy Najjar is responsible for leading FutureSolve’s global operations and direction. He joins the company with more than 15 years’ experience in the talent and Human Resources space. He is a technologist that is focused on how technology is changing the future of work.

Prior to joining FutureSolve, Andy was instrumental in growing companies like HRsmart and TalentGuard from upstart talent management software companies to acquisitions by Deltek and Venture Capital funding. He also plays an advisory role with technology companies innovating in the HR Technology space and assisting in market fit and innovation direction.

Andy comes with a vast understanding of HR technologies that cover the entire employee lifecycle. He has led global enterprise clients scope their technology strategy which included HRIS, Recruiting, Learning, Performance, Development, and Career Planning strategies. As a result, transforming employee engagement, retention, and turnover.

Andy earned his undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University and has served on the Boards of The Awakened World, Rise Up for You, and ProVilla. He is a leader in the HIVE leadership community. He also coaches and speaks at events on leadership, finding and building purpose, and entrepreneurship.