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We believe that people are an organization’s most important asset and that every business, big or small, can benefit from our strategic HR services. FutureSolve is a single place of trust for operational and organizational performance.

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Our Values Guide What we do

Purpose & Growth - our foundation is built on our purpose and provides a place for our team's passion.

Client Focus - a razor-sharp focus on our customer's growth is essential and the only way to succeed.

Trust & Integrity - to have honesty and respect for all individuals.

Leadership - to empower and inspire entrepreneurial leaders.

Excellence - to continually pursue knowledge and learn.

Fun - to have enjoyment and fulfillment in our work

Professionalism - to be professional in our actions to our clients, partners and each other.

Diversity - respect and appreciation for what makes each of us unique, our differences that shape our view of the world, our perspective and our approach.

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Community Impact

FutureSolve needs HR Advisors We commit to spending up to 5% of profits to help the planet, support education and address mental health. We believe in making a difference in everything we do. We are increasing our impact by giving back.

Become an Exclusive Member of the
FutureSolve CHRO Advisory Team

Advisory work provides several advantages that contribute to your long-term success – both professionally and personally.

The Exponential Benefits of FutureSolve
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✔ Share your knowledge, expertise, and ideas with others

Successful advisors are those with in-depth knowledge on a specific topic(s) in their field and are willing to share it with companies that need to fill gaps within its organization. Additionally, your expertise puts you in a unique position to advise and/or train less experienced collogues. Add to your legacy by shaping the lives of others.

✔ Add professional credentials to your resume
Rounding out your resume with additional work experience is an excellent way to attract new opportunities. Advisory work provides an opportunity to develop the characteristics of a good leader, such as refined presentation and communication skills, increased confidence, and accountability.
✔ Diversify your connections, exposure, and future.
Despite having a very meticulous career path, unexpected changes can throw a wrench in your entire plan. Diversifying streams of work is your best strategy to prepare for contingencies in an unpredictable economy and the ever-changing nature of business.
✔ Engage in elite networking

The further you get in your career; it often becomes less about job search and more about establishing your reputation. As an advisor, you’re able to surround yourself with like-minded, ambitious people with whom you can develop meaningful and motivating workplace connections. Additionally, advisors also have the luxury of serving on the board of companies that resonate with personal interests or passions. Networking among people with similar interests allows you to find common ground and build genuine relationships.

The Exponential Benefits of FutureSolve
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✔ Gain access to ‘one best way’ advisor toolkits and playbooks
FutureSolve toolkits offer our advisors with a step-by-step guide to creating a strategy that improves overall organizational performance and effectiveness through various HR programs & initiatives. Our advisor toolkit creates a standard for ‘one best way’ in service delivery
✔ Back-office infrastructure and administration
Your time is valuable, and the more time spent performing administrative duties, means less time spent on billable, client-facing activities. FutureSolve can enable you to maximize your earning potential by performing transactional duties for you, such as contract development, invoicing, and receivables.
✔ Finding new projects
Independent consultants are burdened with the task of finding new projects and closing clients on their own. This can be costly and time-consuming, shifting focus away from your primary value, providing HR advisory services to companies that need you. FutureSolve can function as your “advisory platform”, finding and bringing new projects to you, reducing the burden that marketing your services and “hunting” for new clients have on your business.
✔ Project management support
Managing a project successfully can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Collaboration, timely communication, transparent project tracking, process standardization and identifying project risks are essential to ensuring goals and deliverables are met. FutureSolve provides the people, process and technology resources required to safeguard the project from issues that can cause bottlenecks and unnecessary delays.
The Exponential Benefits of FutureSolve
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✔ Paid Referral Opportunities
As an independent consultant, you may encounter opportunities that extend beyond your capacity or individual expertise. When an advisor refers a prospective client to FutureSolve, and we win the contract, they are given the first opportunity to work on the project plus a referral fee on the consulting costs paid by the client. You make more money and can leave the selling and project management to us, everyone wins.
✔ Broader exposure and competitive bill rates
Most larger companies don’t hire individual freelance consultants. They prefer to work with a limited number of agencies who can ensure good quality and a quick turnaround. FutureSolve is building a diversified client portfolio and has the ability to negotiate competitive pricing. Associating yourself with our corporate brand, allows you to tell us how much money you want to make, stand back, and let us navigate pricing and contract terms with the client.
✔ Being part of a team
As a freelancer, you are your own boss and responsible for everything that happens in your business. If an unexpected event occurs in your life, or you just need to take time off, you may have to explain to your clients that there could be some delay in project completion. This can damage your reputation and your business. As a member of FutureSolve’s team of advisors, you have the flexibility to take care of life’s challenges knowing someone always has your back. Surrounding yourself with a network of experts offers a support system that you can rely on in those rare cases you need extra coverage.

Future of Work

Flexible working: Revolutionized employee experiences that truly make work, work

Rising employee expectations challenge HR like never before to provide authentic, tailored workforce experiences that empower people to do their best work.

Organizational flexibility, fluidity and agility led by HR

HR will prepare and lead organizations through whatever crisis hits with agility and confidence – no matter how unexpected.

People analytics-based insights that drive business impact

People analytics in HR teams will have fully evolved beyond just data reporting and collection and be intrinsic to driving

HR automation trends will elevate the role of HR

Automation will free up HR leaders’ time to focus on the things that really matter, as well as to take on more of a leadership role across organizations.

DEI will encompass so much more

Companies still have a long way to go when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, and it is the role of HR leaders to cultivate diversity through leadership, culture and HR policies and practices.

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