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A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to succession planning does not apply as every organization has its unique mission, vision, culture, values, leadership principles, and business context. FutureSolve uses the Discovery, Diagnosis, and Delivery framework in supporting this one particular client.




The client is a global consulting firm specializing in four (4) key areas: brand & activation, marketing & sales, organization & culture, and experience & innovation. With the services being as extensive, so is the talent pool.

While the services provided to this client’s customers are backed by innovative solutions, the people who join and stay with the organization also desire to establish very humanly, authentic, transparent relationships with clients. One of the core values of the organization is to be “fearlessly human.” It aspires to be a place where all the right kinds of diverse talent can come and find a home where they feel welcomed, respected and where they can grow and thrive and advance along with the same kind of trajectory that most of the talent has at the organization.


The firm (client) was in the middle of a growth cycle and needed a strong pipeline of leaders who can respond to the growth surge by balancing team health and the ability to invest behind the growth as well as execute the investment effectively. Here was where FutureSolve stepped in.


FutureSolve made use of the 3-step process of Discovery, Diagnosis, and Delivery to provide the client the support that it needed.

Discovery. The first and rather important step was getting to know the client and the areas it needed support. In doing so, FutureSolve took the following actions:

  • Understanding the unique culture and strengths of the business
  • Conducting a series of executive interviews and assessments
  • Understanding the strengths of various leaders
  • Understanding the company structure as it stands today
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence tools for assessment
  • Collaborating of the Executive Advisor with the CEO and Executive Team to provide a customized, turnkey approach that can accelerate and sustain their profitable growth trajectory

Diagnosis. After gathering information from the Discovery phase, an analysis was then made to determine the areas of opportunities where the strongest impact can be made. FutureSolve identified the following points that required attention:

  • There was no leader to take on the Chief People Officer role from within
  • There was no infrastructure to identify and grow leadership
  • There was no formal way to develop leadership from other parts of the organization

Delivery. Once the Diagnosis was completed, FutureSolve put a tailored process in place and began implementation with the client. The actions taken are listed below:

  • Created a role profile of what a Chief People Officer should look like
  • Helped the client find a new Chief People Officer from outside the organization
  • Created a Succession Process to identify leaders from within the organization
  • Conducted 360 assessments with predictive models to have data-driven decisions
  • Implemented an automated and effective succession technology
  • Created Leadership Training and Skills framework to assess gaps and train leaders
  • Conducted a compensation benchmarking analysis to help clients position better compensation strategies in their hiring and growth goals
  • Leveraged technology and artificial intelligence (AI) partners to bring a robust and innovative solution to the client


The Succession Planning Playbook aided by FutureSolve was completed within 12 weeks, which was ahead of schedule. A compensation strategy was also created to help fuel growth in the organization. The client is on target to double in size (from 500 employees to 1000 employees). The sustainable succession process presented to the client’s Board of Directors will only continue to evolve and grow with the company.


FutureSolve’s agility, commitment to success, and ability to course-correct in “nanoseconds” were commended by the client. The responsiveness of the team, its mastery of adapting to the client’s unique culture and needs, and transparency in explaining the consequences of not following the Succession Planning playbook were greatly appreciated. Overall, the client has seen a significant impact from the services provided by FutureSolve and would consider collaborating again in the future.

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