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The CHRO Role and CEO Generativity

The HR@Moore Survey of CHROs examined a number of aspects of the CHRO role, ELT and Board climate, and CEO Generativity. Results showed that the COVID crisis may have resulted in CHROs spending more time as a Strategic Advisor.

In addition, over time CHROs are spending less time with the board around executive compensation and more time on CEO and executive succession. In addition, many reported spending
time with the board on DE&I issues. Finally, CHROs continue to come into their role as direct outside hires, and while more CFOs are internally promoted, relative to CHROs, the number of outside CFO hires is rising.

Our results show that boards tend to exhibit both higher average levels of cohesion and diversity and inclusion climate relative to Executive Leadership Teams (ELT).

Finally, a CEO’s Generativity, or the degree to which he or she shows concerns for future generations, continues to show positive relationships with both Board and ELT climate as well as CEO succession commitment and effectiveness. However, unlike last year’s survey, generativity was not related to the diversity (in terms of both women and racial minorities) of the ELT and both the short-term and long-term CEO succession pipeline.

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