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Consulting – Prositions


Break the status quo by reinventing how you engage, develop, and support your most valuable resource, people. Prositions’ consultants, subject matter experts, and business strategists will listen to your needs and objectives and help you plan, design, and implement a solution that achieves the results you desire. Let us fill the gap, help you reach your goals, and teach you how we did it.


Our Methodology for HR Consulting


To design the most effective solutions for your organization, we will need to learn more about your culture, people, structures, leadership philosophies, working styles, and other relevant information. This can be accomplished through a research process we call a Situational Analysis. This assessment helps us understand potential areas of need and also acts as a starting benchmark that we use to measure progress as the project moves forward. It typically includes a thorough review of the organizational information you provide us in addition to onsite visits, virtual observations, interviews, assessments, and surveys.

During the research phase we will:

  • Conduct virtual/onsite meetings, brainstorming sessions, and interviews with key stakeholders
  • Coordinate virtual interviews (phone/video conference) to gather insights and feedback
  • Review documents such as corporate vision, mission, core value statements, organization charts, business strategies, goals, and objectives
  • Review any other relevant survey and research information previously conducted



Following the research phase, our team will analyze the information collected and refine our key observations and findings.

During the analysis phase we will:

  • Determine key insights to help us understand your organization, people, and culture
  • Benchmark our research findings with other successful organizations in similar industries and with similar demographics
  • Conduct brainstorming sessions with our internal team of experienced consultants to summarize observations and develop ideas and create recommendations
  • Work with the client team to validate preliminary observations and findings to ensure we are addressing the most significant project drivers and organizational pain points


Presentation of Findings

Based on the research and analysis, we will conduct an executive briefing with a presentation and reports. These sessions can be conducted in a virtual, onsite, or combination meeting.

During the presentation phase we will:

  • Share detailed observations and candid analysis from our team of highly qualified consultants and experts
  • Present specific actions your organization can and should do independently
  • Recommend steps, project timelines, and action plans that Prositions can assist with implementing
  • Suggest other potential resources and actions needed to ensure success

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