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A.I Engagement Bot – Amber

A.I Engagement Bot – Amber

Engage employees, predict attrition & answer queries with conversational AI that people love. Personal conversations across the entire enterprise. Amber uses 2 min chats with each employee during important milestones specific to their employee lifecycle unlike traditional engagement surveys. Amber sympathizes with the employee and analyses open text responses and then can let companies know who is leaving 60+ days in advance.

Candidate EX

Increase your offer acceptance rate by leveraging real-time insights on your candidate experience, powered by intelligent conversations Amber has with your hiring pipeline.

Onboarding EX

Set up your new hires for a successful & long tenure. Close the gaps in your onboarding journey with AI-driven insights.

Key Moments

Continuously engage your employees with automated reach outs from Amber. Amber triggers intelligent conversations during key milestones such as, 30, 60, 90 day, manager change, performance review etc.


Know the answer to the single most important question for your people strategy, “how likely are your people to recommend your company as a place to work?”.

Pulse Surveys

Without writing a single line of code, start your employee listening journey with 17+ ready-to-use pulse templates.

Exit Feedback

Know exactly why your people are leaving by inspiring honest & actionable feedback from your departing employees.

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  • 100-499
  • 500-1499
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