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Performance Review A.I. – Confirm

Performance Review A.I. – Confirm

Recognize and unleash hidden potential

Confirm is the all-in-one people platform using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to empower leaders with a true view of performance. All with less time and effort.


All your performance tools

Everything you need to drive performance and retention, all in one place.

Built on ONA

Use Organizational Network Analysis to reveal who you should promote, PIP, and retain.

Quick to implement

Get started in days, not weeks. Confirm integrates with your existing systems.

Enterprise security

Confirm maintains the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Lightweight performance reviews

Save your company hundreds of hours administering performance cycles, and spend more time taking action on its results

  • Done in 30 minutes
  • Built on Organizational Network Analysis
  • Add custom questions

Analytics that uncover everyone’s true impact

Confirm uses Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), to reveal who’s truly driving impact, and who needs help.

  • Unveil culture carriers and flight risks
  • Know who to promote and PIP, backed by data
  • 26,000+ skills and competencies built in

Built in promotions and PIPs

Streamline all approvals and save time by running promotion and PIPs in Confirm

  • Keep documents in one place
  • Role-based access controls that work with your process
  • Enterprise grade security

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  • 100-499
  • 500-1499
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