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Hiring Hub

Hiring Hub

Pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates hiring platform – College and Highschools

The Ideal Pre-Hire Experience

No need to recreate the wheel of sourcing, screening, and evaluating. Let the pepelwerk hire hub provide you with pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates so that you can hire a diverse and skilled workforce and can get them onboard as soon as possible to start getting work done.

Simplify Sourcing

You don’t need to or want to have your hiring practices associated with targeted ads. It’s risky and unnecessary. We will grow your talent pool for you.

Skilling, Upskilling, Reskilling

Have you ever met a candidate you liked but just didn’t have the technical skills you needed? Of course, you have. Not a problem anymore. Offer reskilling or upskilling on-demand to your candidates and employees to close the skills gap.

Blind Matching

Getting millions of resumes is only beneficial for pay-per-click job boards. It doesn’t benefit the candidate or the person hiring. Let us pre-screen, qualify and remove applicants who can’t do the job. You focus on getting to know the applicants who are a match for the job.

Integrate With HR Management Systems

The pepelwerk hiring hub is the ideal pre-hire experience that works and integrates with your existing payroll, human resource management system, or service management platform.

It’s About The People Not The Technology

Companies offering a job on pepelwerk have a vested interest in creating a working world that is equitable. No fluff here. Just measurable social impact. and support for all applicants.

Privacy & Compliance

pepelwerk is a closed ecosystem. This means that you can’t search for personal or identifiable information. We don’t just comply with all PII and GDPR, we go above and beyond.

Additional information

Product Price: $$
Number of Employee:
  • Less than 100
Cloud Hosted: yes
Cloud Type:
Languages Supported:
  • English
GDPR Compliant: yes
Privacy Policy: yes
Hosting Locations/ Countries:
Customized Branding: yes
Average Implementation Time: 1-3 days
Average Contract Length: 3 months


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