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ICOG Learning Experience Platform

A.I powered immersive learning platform

Create an immersive learning environment as you effectively channel content or knowledge to learners with a powerful & personalized recommendation engine

With ICOG Knowledge Centers, you are enabled with:

  • Multi-tenancy
    Reach multiple organizations and sell content without worrying about privacy, data protection, and other hassles
  • Monetize Content/ Knowledge
    Turn Cost Center into a Profit Center by monetizing IP and knowledge into courses/content.
  • Personalized Content Recommendations
    ICOG maps user behaviour, consumption habits, and preferences to create hyper-personalized recommendations.
  • An AI-Powered Platform
    Data science powered insights to enable stakeholders to sell the content to the “Right” consumers
  • Measure and Improve
    Quantify learning outcomes using ICOG’s proprietary “Learning Index” that factors in more than consumption hours/volume
  • Easy Knowledge Creation
    Integrate external knowledge platform(s) with ICOG to ingest content ready for consumption and tracking
  • Specialist Assistance
    Let specialists manage your learning engine & content subscription for you

Additional information

Product Price: $
Number of Employee:
  • 100-499
  • 500-1499
  • 1500+
Cloud Hosted: yes
Cloud Type:
  • AWS
Languages Supported:
  • English
GDPR Compliant: yes
Encryption: yes
Backup & Recovery: yes
Privacy Policy: yes
Technology Policy: yes
Hosting Locations/ Countries:
  • India
Open API: yes
Single Sign On: yes
Single Sign On types: email, mobile sms
Customized Branding: yes


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