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Mentoring on Demand

Mentoring on Demand

A turn-key mentoring solution that offers flexibility, is user-led, and provides the support of mentoring experts.

Mentoring on Demand is an effective solution for large-scale, company-wide programs. Requiring limited Program Manager resources, Mentoring on Demand is fully employee-led. Our comprehensive mentoring training and vast resource library equip your team with the skills required to maximize their mentoring relationships.

However, if you’re looking for a program that is tailored to a specific objective, which delivers strong results against those objectives, then you could also consider our cohort based programs.

Mentoring on Demand features:

  • Our smart matching algorithm aligns with participant goals taking the guesswork out of the matching process.
  • Streamline administration and maintain engagement using advanced templated email scheduling.
  • User-friendly, innovative and highly scalable. And of course, mobile responsive!
  • Mentor and Mentee Training Courses successfully completed by over 80,000 people globally.
  • We take security seriously. Highly secure, GDPR compliant cloud-based platform with strict privacy policies.
  • Provide insights and track company progress with advanced survey and reporting tools.
  • Fully customizable dashboard to capture the information you need whilst ensuring your brand shines in the process.
  • Single Sign On and integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.

    Additional information

    Product Price: $$
    Number of Employee:
    • 100-499
    • 500-1499
    • 1500+
    Cloud Hosted: yes
    Cloud Type:
    Languages Supported:
    • English
    GDPR Compliant: yes
    Encryption: yes
    Backup & Recovery: yes
    Privacy Policy: yes
    Technology Policy: yes
    Hosting Locations/ Countries:
    Single Sign On: yes
    Customized Branding: yes


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