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MultiRater Survey (360 and 180)

MultiRater Survey (360 and 180)

Fully customize your 360 & 180 surveys with our custom survey builder. Schedule, launch, and keep track of your surveys in our Survey Centre.

If you are a L&D Consultant, Executive Coach, or a HR Professional, MultiRater Surveys is the most cost-effective online tool to maximize leadership capability and employee engagement.

MultiRater Survey’s Basic Platform Subscription offers their users a fully customizable survey platform with the following features:

  • 360 Leadership Development Templates
  • 180 Performance Review Templates
  • Custom Survey Builder
  • Automated Survey Process
  • One-Click Reports

Take advantage of our straightforward survey process and get started today!

Want to know how our survey process works? Read a guide here.

Additional information

Product Price: $$
Number of Employee:
  • Less than 100
  • 100-499
  • 500-1499
  • 1500+
Cloud Hosted: yes
Cloud Type:
  • AWS
Languages Supported:
  • English
Encryption: yes
Backup & Recovery: yes
Privacy Policy: yes
Hosting Locations/ Countries:
  • Australia
Open API: yes
Single Sign On: yes
Customized Branding: yes
Average Implementation Time: Immediate
Average Contract Length: Monthly / Annual Subscriptions Available


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