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Pay Equity Analysis Software

Pay Equity Analysis Software

Pay Equity Platform


Prove your commitment to fair pay

Software that analyzes pay equity gaps so you can create an equal and inclusive workplace

CURO Pay Equity is a software-as-a-service solution built for HR & Reward professionals. Our software provides insight on pay equity trends within your organization, so you can identify key areas of risk. It also helps you understand where pay gaps can be explained by non-monetary factors, and tracks remedial actions and progress towards pay equity.


  1. Pay gap analysis
  2. Adjusted and unadjusted equal pay analysis
  3. Cohort analysis
  4. Pay equity tracking at an employee level
  5. Pay equity adjustment budget modelling
  6. EEO1 Component 2 Reporting (U.S)

Additional information

Product Price: $$$
Number of Employee:
  • 500-1499
  • 1500+
Cloud Hosted: yes
Cloud Type:
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • ETC
Languages Supported:
GDPR Compliant: yes
Encryption: no
Backup & Recovery: yes
Privacy Policy: yes
Technology Policy: yes
Hosting Locations/ Countries:
Open API: no
Single Sign On: yes
Customized Branding: yes


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