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QJumpers A.I Talent Sourcing

QJumpers A.I Talent Sourcing

Applicant Tracking System

QJumpers is a cloud-based ATS which combines AI talent sourcing, online job advertising, career sites, customizable workflows, job requisition, interview scheduling, collaborative decision-making, talent pool creation, offer document generation, onboarding automation, HR system integrations, and more.

QJumpers is an AI based talent sourcing and recruitment solution, ideal for remote hiring.

QJumpers offers and handles automated AI based head hunting technology, mobile friendly job applications, job requisition, customizable workflows, talent pool management, interview scheduling, collaborative decision-making, onboarding automation, and more!

Users can integrate their existing job boards, onboarding tools, payroll, and human resource information systems; as well as connect to various assessment providers, background check systems, careers portals, and social media sites.

QJumpers’ customizable workflows allows users to use the software in the way that suits their individual recruitment processes. Permissions, roles and viewing rights can be controlled, and jobs can be delegated to different team members. With the job requisition module, multiple workflows with fixed or stepped approvers can be created, override power can be assigned to certain users, and all approvers receive email alerts. QJumpers also enables the generation and management of a range of employment offer documents, including offer letters, schedules, tax forms, induction information, and more!

QJumpers’ talent pool provides each organization with their own database of potential new employees, with search and filter functionality to locate the ideal candidate when new opportunities open. Candidates can be grouped into various lists and tagged to make sourcing easier. An audit trail for each candidate is generated from contact histories and notes on candidates, and users can view which jobs each candidate applied for, their application status, when they were shortlisted and by who, and all emails generated. A range of reports can be created to provide insight into the number of applications, withdrawn applications, applicants shortlisted/interviewed/hired, active and filled roles, time to hire, and more!

Additional information

Product Price: $$$
Number of Employee:
  • Less than 100
Cloud Hosted: yes
Cloud Type:
  • AWS
Languages Supported:
  • English
GDPR Compliant: yes
Encryption: yes
Backup & Recovery: yes
Privacy Policy: yes
Technology Policy: yes
Hosting Locations/ Countries:
  • Australia
  • United States of America
Open API: yes
Single Sign On: yes
Customized Branding: yes
Average Implementation Time: 4 weeks
Average Contract Length: 2 years


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