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6 characteristics of a good leader. What qualities to develop?

Leadership is not about occupying a specific position or garnering seniority of any type. The fact that someone has worked for many years does not imply that they have effectively gained the skills and qualities to lead a team in a given field. So, what makes a great leader?

Outstanding leadership is the derivative of acquiring specific skills. Relevant leadership skills allow you to be an excellent example for your entire team under all possible conditions in the existing workplace. The best leaders across diverse organizations and fields exhibit specific traits that make them immensely successful. Let us learn about these traits in detail.

What is Leadership?

Leadership can be regarded as the ability to inspire a team to achieve specific goals within the organization. Leadership is also concerned with how you choose to lead your life. The ultimate definition of leadership is concerned with influencing, inspiring, and helping others become their best selves while honing their skills and achieving relevant goals on the go. There is no specific need to be the founder or CEO of the organization to lead a team.

When an individual harnesses the power to lead, it helps strengthen the leadership opportunities of others instead of diminishing them. It is because the ultimate meaning of leadership is empowering others to become successful leaders.

Top Characteristics of a Good Leader

The importance of leadership depends on the ability to complete tasks. Leadership enables you to communicate a well-defined vision while uniting your entire team with the vision. Organizations featuring great leaders are agile, creative, and innovative. Such organizations also possess positive company cultures with a sense of passion and purpose. Eventually, effective leadership will improve the bottom line of your organization and reduce turnover.

Some essential traits to look out for in leaders are:


There is no denying the importance of integrity as far as leadership is concerned. While it might not be a vital metric while measuring employee performance, integrity turns out to be an essential leadership trait for both the organization and individuals.

Integrity is particularly important for top-level executives. It is because they are responsible for analyzing and preparing the entire course of the organization while making several significant decisions. Integrity can serve as the prospective blind spot for any organization. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to reinforce the importance of leadership integrity at different levels.

#Strategic & Critical Thinking

A reliable leader will always be able to think strategically and critically about the team or organization. A strategic leader is also capable of understanding the respective strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities for teams and the entire organization.

To understand the potential threats and challenges, critical leaders should analyze how they can work towards supporting or overcoming such problems. They also ensure course correction whenever necessary. Strategic leaders are capable of assessing the overall work done towards determining how well it will fit into the respective goals and strategy of the entire organization.


One of the most effective ways of becoming a successful leader is by being self-aware to understand the respective strengths and flaws. It also helps in building an authentic leadership style that remains true to who you are and how you are doing your work in the best possible manner.

You would like to serve as the best leader -not trying to fit in the mold of any other leader. Try embracing things that completely define who you are. It will effectively translate into your development as an authentic leader.


When you are a leader, it also implies being open to new capabilities, ideas, and perspectives. At the same time, it implies understanding that there is no perfect way of doing things. Leadership inculcates the knowledge that success is available with the willingness to alter how things are usually done while bringing into effect fresh eyes toward inspiring new ideas.

It is also essential to be creative and think out of the box to the best possible extent. Leaders should be capable of learning, observing, and having the willingness to change the current course whenever necessary.


Leaders should also be adaptable as well as agile -according to the existing situation. You should understand that nothing will precisely go as per the given plan. You can come across specific roadblocks or even more significant challenges. Therefore, it is advised to be prepared in advance to pause, reassess, and come up with a new course of action.

Effective leaders are capable of embracing the ever-evolving nature of modern businesses while meeting ongoing challenges with a flexible mindset. They should also be able to develop ample inspiration with the willingness to adapt to those around them.

#Strong Communication Skills

A great leader should possess impressive communication skills. The best leaders out there should be capable of maintaining well-defined communication channels with the respective team. They should also be able to interpret other individuals without creating any misunderstanding.

Great leaders understand when to talk and listen -making them effective communicators. This trait allows leaders to clearly explain to the existing workforce everything in detail -right from specific tasks to organizational goals. When people in the organization cannot understand your expectations, they will fall behind. Therefore, the more specific you are, the better the communication.

Always make sure that the overall communication is built on a consistent flow of both non-verbal and verbal exchanges of ideas and information. Therefore, you should be approachable while involving people of different levels of understanding. Set up an open-door policy to ensure regular, seamless communication among the team members.


These are some of the core characteristics of a successful leader. Leadership traits are easy to learn and acquire. Upon practicing consistently, you can also be a great leader. Ensure that you make small changes to your daily habits -especially when working with a team.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara