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8 main benefits of using alumni management software

Modern students and their parents have become highly selective when it comes to choosing the right institution. Indeed, campus walk-throughs and brochures serve as excellent testaments to the quality of an institution. Still, the entire alumni network of the school or institution turns out to be the best source of in-depth information. The presence of a strong, reliable, and accessible alumni network can serve as the greatest advocate for any institution.

In most cases, prospective candidates turn to the alumni of an institution to gain in-depth understanding of how the overall experience of school or college life will be. It also helps them in understanding where they can expect to see themselves once they have graduated. In the modern scenario, using a reliable alumni management software solution can help. Let us know how!

What is alumni management software?

Alumni management software is a dedicated solution or system aimed at enabling organizations -usually colleges and universities, to be in constant touch with the alumni. Through a reliable alumni management software solution, colleges and universities can engage with the alumni through specialized events or content while also soliciting donations of some form.

During the selection of the alumni software, it is expected that organizations should depict specific requirements that are unique to the institution. However, there are some standard features that all interactive alumni management software or platforms should provide towards strengthening engagement and creating the best-ever user experiences.

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8 benefits of alumni management software

Alumni serve to be the best legacy carrier in the educational field. They help in representing the principles and values in front of the entire world. With the extension of high-end digital connections, alumni in any part of the world can easily connect with the respective roots. They can also exchange important information with the educational institutions and existing students.

With the help of a well-connected alumni network supported by a reliable alumni management software solution, here are some benefits to obtain:

1. Stores important alumni data

A comprehensive alumni management system or solution is capable of storing a dedicated database of the alumni -including industries and companies with which they are working and the subsequent positions. The database gets updated automatically with respective changes in the career of an alumnus. With this database, institutions can publish up-to-date and vital statistics of the alumni. It helps in improving credibility. It also allows organizations to be in constant touch with the alumni.

2. Improves placement

A successful placement record is one of the most important features of an institution. It allows organizations to draw the attention of new students from all around. An excellent alumni management software will allow your organization to keep a track of exactly where the alumni are working currently. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to understand whom they should reach out to.

3. Offers a way to connect with alumni

The most effective alumni management software systems will offer you a dedicated suite of tools or services for maintaining strong and reliable relationships with the alumni. Without this software or system, the alumni is expected to use a single platform to be on track while not losing touch with each other. An alumni management platform comes with social media job postings, emails, event updates, and much more -all in a single platform. Therefore, alumni can be updated about each other’s life.

4. Reduces manual effort

As the database in the alumni management software gets updated automatically, there is no requirement of filling in updated information manually. Therefore, the staff at your organization can rest assured that information gets updated from time to time without putting in efforts from their end.

5. Makes raising funds easier

Most educational institutions depend on sponsors for hosting events like shows, galas, and fundraisers. A supportive and engaged alumni network is one of the best sources of funding that an institution can make use of. The utilization of the alumni management platform makes the process of fundraising easier across an alumni network. The institution can simply put up a dedicated post. As every member of the alumni network receives a notification about it, the members can start sending donations accordingly.

6. Offers business relationships

Alumni management software solutions offer colleges and universities a way to be in touch with alumni while organizing alumni events and coordinating fundraising efforts. With a reliable software solution, administrators can maintain information handling that might be of use in some business transactions. Alumni relations teams along with other higher education administration members can leverage the software solution to perform a wide range of tasks associated with the engagement and fundraising goals. With proper reunions and events, business relationships can develop and sustain for a longer time.

7. Boosts your alumni’s sense of belonging

When you offer the alumni an exclusive and branded online platform, it will help in reinforcing and strengthening the brand identity of the educational institution. It will help in facilitating deeper connections, inspiring audiences, and ultimately delivering stronger results with respect to alumni management. The most valuable brands out there understand the importance of brand consistency. It is the key to create long-lasting relationships and increased brand recognition.

8. Offers a platform for feedback

The most useful alumni management software solutions come forth with discussion forums wherein members can deliver feedback with the help of open conversations. It is a useful feature for both the alumni and existing students. Current students can receive relevant feedback and useful advice from the alumni. It can help them in improving their extracurricular and academic performance.

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Why choose our alumni software?

With Future Solve’s alumni management software, you can look forward to maximizing the benefits of the alumni network for your entire organization. The software offers advanced features and consulting services. The alumni software helps in maximizing the benefits of a thriving corporate-centric alumni network. You can get access to lucrative consulting services while helping organizations to cultivate lifelong relationships and strengthening your brand. Discover new prospects as well as businesses with dedicated alumni access.

Main features

When you are selecting the right alumni management software, the specifications will remain unique to your organization. However, there are some universal features that you should look out for in a reliable alumni software solution, including:

  • An interactive, searchable member directory
  • Virtual event management
  • Fundraising management
  • Jobs board
  • Groups
  • Analytics & engagement scoring

How can you measure the effectiveness of the alumni software?

How can you evaluate the overall effectiveness of the alumni management software you use? There are some key metrics that are crucial in tracking alumni engagement and the overall success of the platform. Some core metrics to consider are:

  • Are alumni offices capable of connecting with the alumni?
  • Are alumni getting engaged regularly?
  • How accessible is the alumni software to the alumni community?
  • How are alumni contributing to the alumni community? 

All these factors play a vital role in evaluating the overall effectiveness of the alumni management software in maximizing alumni engagement within a particular alumni community. 

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara