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Neal El-Jor Taouk

Executive Advisor

Neal El-Jor Taouk is a trusted consultant and strategic advisor with a passion for driving impactful change through innovation and strategic planning. Neal brings three key strengths to each opportunity: a demonstrated ability to build and develop global programs, extensive experience in governance, operations, and fundraising, and a commitment to fostering community and cross-cultural relationships. As the founding partner of a boutique consulting firm, Neal excels in delivering tailored, strategic solutions that empower organizations to achieve their highest potential by working smarter, not harder.

Neal El-Jor Taouk is a visionary social entrepreneur and impact-driven leader with extensive experience in building and developing global programs. Her commitment to fostering community and forging strong relationships across the private and public sectors, particularly with multicultural and diverse groups, has been instrumental in solving economic and social challenges.

Professional Overview

Neal excels in leadership and strategic planning, demonstrating expertise in governance, operations, fundraising, and the development of multi-year strategic plans. Her proficiency in technological innovation, data analytics, monetization strategies, and program management drives success across diverse sectors. Neal is also skilled in cross-cultural communications, storytelling, marketing, social media management, and content development and management. Additionally, her extensive public speaking experience and ability to collaborate with governmental, academic, and community organizations highlight her commitment to applying humanitarian principles and driving initiatives that benefit communities.

Education and Certifications

She holds an MSc in International Marketing from Hult International Business School and a B.A. in Psychology from the Lebanese American University. Neal is also certified in Management Consulting, MasterCoach, Mentor, Project Management for Leaders, and Systemic Psychoanalysis.

Career Highlights

Throughout her career, Neal has spearheaded numerous transformative projects, including the development of strategic operations, leading tech integration initiatives, and crafting multi-year strategic plans for various organizations. Her ability to foster strategic partnerships and manage complex change processes has driven success across diverse sectors, including tech, health and human services, consulting, luxury cosmetics, manufacturing, and education.

Previous Experience

Before her current role, Neal co-founded a nonprofit organization and worked with Fortune 100 tech companies. Her responsibilities included building and developing organizations through innovative tech solutions, robust governance structures, efficient operations, and comprehensive fundraising strategies. She has extensive public speaking experience and expertise in staff management, content development, and program management. Currently, she is the founding partner of a boutique consulting firm.

Neal El-Jor Taouk’s professional track is defined by her passion for empowering organizations to reach their fullest potential. Her multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to operational excellence and effective leadership make her a trusted figure in the realm of social entrepreneurship, driving initiatives that significantly benefit communities and mankind.

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