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Stephanie Wemusa

Executive Advisor

Stephanie Wemusa has been a Talent Management Life Cycle and Optimization Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience developing inclusive workplace practices to source, recruit, engage, and advance diverse employees.

She is Adjunct Faculty in the Charles Davidson College of Engineering and an Instructor for UCSC Extension HR Management Certificate Program.
Previous experience includes working in some of San Francisco Bay Area’s signature organizations such as HP, Apple, eBay, Yahoo!, Juniper Networks, and Synopsys.

She recently spent 2 years at TalVista on the HR Operations side of the business mitigating bias in the hiring process. Her experience includes a wide range of varied HR functions, from recruitment, human resources and talent management to leadership training, diversity and inclusion.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science from San Jose State University and a Masters in Human Resources Organization Development from University of San Francisco.

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