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Maribel Kaldawy

Executive Advisor

Maribel Kaldawy is a seasoned consultant and strategic advisor with over eight years of experience driving transformative talent and organizational development projects for both private and public sector clients. She brings a wealth of expertise in strategic and operational alignment, workforce and succession planning, organizational design, leadership development, talent management, and project management. Her commitment to fostering community and addressing social challenges underscores her role as a leader in organizational transformation.

Professional Overview

Maribel excels in developing and implementing strategic solutions that enhance organizational performance. Specializing in long-term strategic planning and visioning, supported by operational mapping aimed at driving excellence, her skills in workforce planning, succession planning, governance, and organizational design ensure that clients achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth. She is adept at crafting standard operating procedures and workflows, ensuring that organizations function efficiently and effectively. Her talent management and project management expertise further contribute to her success in delivering impactful, lasting results.

Education and Certifications

Maribel holds an M.A. in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology from the Lebanese American University. She is certified in Organizational Design, Organizational Analysis, Project Management, HRM: HR for People Managers, and Inclusive Leadership. Fluent in English, Arabic, and French, Maribel’s multicultural perspective enriches her approach to consulting and client engagement.

Career Highlights

Maribel has led numerous high-impact projects, including the development of an operational master plan and leadership succession model for a USA-based recruitment client. She played a pivotal role in creating a vocational training program for an international NGO and developed a strategic and operational alignment roadmap for a web-design client in the USA. Additionally, Maribel has crafted organizational structures, job descriptions, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for clients across the Middle East and Africa. Through her collaborations with several Big-4 consulting firms and work with multinational corporations and start-ups, Maribel has built a robust network of highly skilled experts and has driven mission-oriented organizations towards achieving their goals.

Previous Experience

Before her current role, Maribel worked with leading organizations in luxury retail, banking, hospitality, and international NGOs. Her responsibilities included developing comprehensive organizational, operational, and talent strategies, designing human capital policies, and implementing robust monitoring and evaluation processes.

Impact and Vision

Maribel Kaldawy’s professional journey is defined by her passion for empowering organizations and individuals to reach their highest potential. Her ability to navigate complex challenges, coupled with her talent for creating tailored solutions, positions her as a trusted consultant in talent and organizational transformation. Her multifaceted expertise, extensive network of skilled professionals, and unwavering commitment to operational excellence and effective leadership make her a distinguished figure in the realm of organizational development and community enhancement. Maribel’s work supports mission-oriented organizations in achieving their missions and driving impactful change.

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