Tatyana St. Germain

Professional Advisor

Tatyana St. Germain is the Founder and CEO of Great People Management, a consulting firm that offers hiring and development assessments, talent optimization tools, and leadership and executive coaching. Tatyana believes that people are the foundation of every business, but the RIGHT PEOPLE are the backbone of a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. Tatyana has helped over 1,000 organizations acrossthe US, Canada, Europe and Asia develop their leaders and establish sustainable and cost-effective systems to SELECT, RETAIN and DEVELOP THE RIGHT PEOPLE who get results and smash the competition.

With over 20 years of business, corporate and international experience, Tatyana is an expert at understanding and solving complex people challenges in the workplace, including selection, onboarding, turnover and retention. Her integrity, her unique perspective, valuable insights, keen observations and a no-nonsense approach attract companies who demand results, who strive to always be better, make smarter decisions about their people, and increase effectiveness of their managers and teams.

Tatyana’s background spans a variety of fields: linguistics, international relations, training, teaching, recruiting, business development, strategic planning, service excellence and CEO roundtable facilitation. She is a Vistage Trusted Advisor and an avid networker. Some of Tatyana’s core competencies include leadership development & executive coaching, talent assessment, selection, onboarding and retention, and succession planning.

When she is not connecting people or transforming organizations, she enjoys making wine, cooking, reading, camping, gardening, star gazing, traveling and RV-ing around the country with her family.

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