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AI talent sourcing. How it is changing the recruiting market?

In the modern corporate world, automation software is the all-new norm and is now utilized across the globe. Whether it is for purchases, invoicing, data collection, or employee management, organizations all around the world are implementing high-end solutions to make professional lives simpler with the help of digital technology.

The recruitment sector is especially an interesting domain wherein potential candidates are nowadays sources, analyzed, contacted, and even interviewed with the help of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Intelligent software, robots, and machines are nowadays capable of doing an ample amount of work for organizations and businesses.

For recruiters, it ensures a significant change in the talent acquisition process. More professionals are nowadays moving from the inbound approach wherein candidates seek employers for assistance. One of the driving factors in the significant shift within the recruitment domain from inbound recruitment is the concept of ‘passive candidate sourcing.’

What is AI Talent Sourcing?

 If sourcing is regarded as the acquisition of candidates, names, and resumes for a particular job, then AI talent sourcing can be regarded as the ability to streamline, expand, and automate all complex steps involved in the process.

One of the major benefits of AI talent sourcing is the ability to seek multiple databases in a shorter span of time. AI talent sourcing will help businesses unravel top talent across multiple sources to come across the best possible match while setting up meetings, contacting individual candidates, and so more.

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How Did It Change the Market?

Traditionally, while you were expected to seek assistance from different departments to take up different roles in the process of talent sourcing, AI talent sourcing is capable of automating most of the steps that allow you to focus on core human elements.

AI sourcing leverages the benefits of the existing databases online while providing you with a greater talent pool that you can refer to as you match ability. Some ways in which AI in talent sourcing continues changing the market are:

  • A Way to Access Global Talent: As the concept of remote work is reaching its all-time high, more businesses are realizing their talent pools no longer remain constricted by geographical locations. In the given context, AI can make the process of global hiring quicker and more efficient for organizations seeking candidates. AI is known to take a highly subdued form of recruitment.
    While hiring across different geographical boundaries, AI is capable of helping businesses in standardizing the process. For instance, AI can be utilized for translating resumes, job specifications, and other core materials into different languages.
  • Reduced Time & Cost: When repetitive talent sourcing tasks are automated with the help of candidate shortlisting and resume assessment through reliable AI solutions, the revolutionary technology helps in reducing time and costs throughout. For instance, AI is capable of helping recruiters avoid scanning all resumes manually to find the targeted keywords.
    Recruitment is regarded as a high-involvement activity that takes into consideration all stakeholders of the organization. AI significantly helps in reducing the overall burden as well as time by automating mundane, redundant tasks.
  • Adaptivity to Remote Recruiting: Artificial Intelligence is capable of adding a human element to the overall technological efficacy. With respect to hiring, it can help in removing human bias, enhancing the candidate experience, and bringing into effect cognitive ability to ensure human-like decisions without the potential of human errors.
    AI tools have the possibility to assist a company in hiring a candidate without meeting them personally. It is because they are capable of mimicking the human-like ability to think as well as make decisions.
  • Faster Communication with Candidates: Implementation of AI in the recruitment process can help in improving communication with the candidates. Recruiters can make use of Artificial Intelligence to automate the method of sending emails to applicants.
    Moreover, AI tools can also help in setting reminders for upcoming interviews. Due to this, recruiters are capable of delivering an improved experience to every applicant. Good and reliable communication with candidates can help in improving the overall candidate experience while enhancing the employer brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Is AI Talent Sourcing Here to Stay?

Business priorities since the advent of 2022 have altered to center around the concept of modern talent and recruitment. The Big Quit or the Great Resignation continue dominating headlines while highlighting the existing labor shortage. However, organizations are expected to understand that skewed demand and supply ratio for talent is here to stay. A study predicts that the global human shortage will reach up to 85 million workers by the time of 2030. Even after this trend, a number of organizations and their hiring programs went completely off guard since last year. A report claimed that one of the biggest challenges for modern recruiters include employer competition, candidate engagement, and so more. With this, immense pressure is on talent acquisition. Moving forward, recruiters are expected to offer access to opportunities for meeting increasing needs out of such talent -like highly flexible work schedules and inclusive cultures.

Organizations are also expected to align with improved company objectives like improved product innovation and scaling skill sets. To ensure the same effectively, recruiters are expected to spend more time on the human aspects of the job while delivering improved experiences to candidates -now and for the future. If investment data in 2021 is any indication, technology stacks related to talent acquisition are being reevaluated. As a matter of fact, 62 percent of organizations increased the overall investment in the technology of talent acquisition. As something is expected to be given, more organizations than ever will look forward to Artificial Intelligence and the respective recruitment technologies to achieve competitive advantage. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, companies will help in setting up hiring teams to reveal the brand to candidates in the best possible light while building a workforce for best supporting company objectives in the long run.

How to create an effective talent sourcing strategy using AI?

AI recruiting is the utilization of Artificial Intelligence technology in the talent acquisition or recruitment process. These software tools offer different ways to automate as well as streamline the talent acquisition process -enabling talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers to spend minimal time on repetitive, manual tasks and more time on framing effective talent acquisition strategies for the entire organization.

AI in the talent acquisition process can help in improving the talent sourcing strategy or recruitment processes by identifying highly qualified leads and sourcing meaningful candidates. The platforms are also helpful in improving the overall candidate experience by making it simpler for job seekers to apply for open positions while communicating directly with the company. In most cases, organizations can consider integrating AI recruiting software with the existing talent acquisition system.

How to choose the right AI provider?

An AI recruiting software provider is an innovative, technology-based asset for hiring managers and recruiters to automate the entire talent acquisition process. It leverages machine learning and algorithms to analyze data -like candidate profiles to recommend the most accurate prospective job potential for a specific role -allowing organizations to find as well as recruit the best available talent quickly and more efficiently.

While choosing the best AI for HR recruitment or talent sourcing software for your hiring needs, here are some features to look out for:

  • Resume parsing
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Chatbots
  • Video interviewing
  • Integrations

Some additional tips for choosing the best AI recruitment software are:

  • Determine goals and requirements
  • Conduct research on available options
  • Analyze the features
  • Analyze budget and timeline

Based on your goals and requirements, you should choose reliable AI recruitment software solutions to support your recruitment goals.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara