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How FutureSolve can help you choose the best HR tech software for your company?

As a small business owner, it is easy to neglect Human Resources (HR). It is not as exciting as business functions that focus on the overall revenue and growth, and it is not even a legal requirement to have a dedicated HR department. However, businesses even with a small group of employees can have specific HR duties. These could quickly consume your overall time if you are not performing them efficiently.

HR tech software can be a big-time help. For a smaller amount of fee every month, the tools can help you in building HR processes while automating key tasks. You will also end up spending far less time on the tasks and more time on the work that you wish to achieve. The best part is that most of these tools are highly effective.

It is estimated that 74 percent of companies revealed that they have plans of spending significantly on HR technology. Some of the biggest benefits you can achieve out of leveraging a high-end HR tech software solution are delivering workplace insights, increasing productivity, and enhancing the overall employee experience. Let us help you understand the importance of FutureSolve and its HR-centric solutions to boost the growth of your organization.

Why HR Tech Matters More Than Ever?

As rapid HR technology solutions keep emerging, we are witnessing a technology boom that is significantly reshaping the manner in which we function -and how we think about HR.

According to a recent report, global HR technology has topped $3.1 billion in terms of the overall market cap last year itself. While there is a wider range of high-end technologies, some of the most disruptive and significant instances are automation and artificial intelligence.

Some of the unique ways in which HR technology aim at changing the industry norms are:

  • AI Making Recruitment Smarter: AI has started outperforming humans when it comes to ensuring hiring decisions in specific areas -like evaluating hard skills. Artificial Intelligence frees up recruiters as they are allowed to focus on culture-fit and soft-skill evaluation in a highly structured way. Leveraging HR technology allows organizations to be proactive in getting responses and ensuring smart recruiting decisions.
  • Efficient Compliance: Cloud-based solutions have streamlined the process of ensuring compliance within organizations. Businesses embracing HR technology for compliance will ensure effective recruitment and retention along with improved employee engagement throughout.
  • Analytics for Improved Performance Management: HR technology helps in streamlining the process while eliminating a number of unnecessary steps. The raw data obtained from analytics can help in creating actionable insights while supporting data-driven decisions around compensation or promotions.

How can FutureSolve Help You Choose the Best HR Tech?

FutureSolve -a pioneering HR tech service provider, emphasizes significantly on high caliber area and integrity. This is why it leverages the potential of the best-available HR technology that could be utilized by organizations. The innovative HR technology marketplace at FutureSolve delivers access to a comprehensive category of high-tech solutions that help in boosting the business marketplace.

On the website, you can come across different software categories -including AI platforms, HR bots, learning solutions, people analytics, staffing, and others. With FutureSolve, you can get personalized guidance across all possible marketplace vendors that help in making a confident voice. The experienced tech team at FutureSolve follows a detailed, step-by-step process to help you choose the best HR technology solution for your business.

  • Viewing and Researching Top Vendors: You can get access to marketplace reviews along with in-depth product information.
  • FutureSolve Advisory Needs: You can avail analysis conversation with an experienced and trained advisor.
  • Recorded Demo: Advisory team will trigger recorded demo of the respective products and services of your interest.
  • Deeper Dive Demo and Closing: We also ensure providing deeper dive demos with service vendors while closing the business.

Our Advisors

FutureSolve and its innovative HR tech solutions are led by an experienced team of advisory experts delivering over a decade of relevant expertise in private organizations. We are known to ensure long-lasting, reliable partnerships with managers, owners, and equity stakeholders belonging to successful mid-sized market companies to maximize the overall potential. Our impressive advisory team features:

  • Amy Riccardi -Executive Advisor

  • Annie Snowbarger -Professional Advisor

  • Annissa Deshpande -Chief People Officer

  • Anthony Buffum -Chief Human Resource Officer

There are several team members to the experienced advisory team at FutureSolve.

Some of Our Software According to Strategies

  • People Analytics: HR professionals can now access next-generation analytics software solutions. A majority of HR individuals now expect to recruit cloud-based people analytics tools to achieve the desired outcomes. People analytics is also known as HR analytics or Talent Analytics. More than ever, Human Resources departments tend to generate more data. Therefore, the overall capability of turning the available data into valuable insights is a must-have feature within organizations.

People are vital to the success of any organization. HR-centric people analytics can help in providing businesses with relevant insights to draw the attention of the right competencies while recruiting people with the right skills and managing talent effectively.

  • Talent Acquisition: The presence of an automated talent acquisition process will equate to a highly effective recruitment process. Not every aspect of your organization and talent acquisition efforts is expected to be automated. Some of the benefits of the automated talent acquisition process are improved productivity, collaboration, and efficiency across different teams.

Even the most successful teams involved in talent acquisition will have tasks that they will be handling manually. The most effective and profitable talent acquisition process will factor in automation to tackle such complicated tasks.

  • Staffing: Staffing is always going to be about developing reliable relationships. Without constant nurturing of relationships with businesses, clients, candidates, business owners, business contacts, and other business professionals, an organization will not survive.

With the help of modern HR technology solutions by FutureSolve, staffing agencies can easily adapt, change, and evolve effectively.


The utilization of innovative HR tech across different aspects of the department is critical to ensure the success of any organization.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara