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How to choose the best HR recruiting software?

How to choose the best HR recruiting software which can make your work faster and easier?

Finding the right talent for your organization is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks you tend to face on a day-to-day basis. As employees are your company’s greatest assets, it is important to come across candidates who are both capable as well as fit within the specified company culture. Thankfully, using the right HR recruiting software can help you in organizing and streamlining the hiring process.

Why is HR Recruiting Software Needed for Your Business?

HR recruiting software is a category of digital tools or platforms that help an organization in optimizing the entire hiring process. Recruiting software is utilized by hiring teams or HR managers to find the right candidates, go through resumes in detail, take proper video-based interviews, and send over the relevant job offer.

On an average, it is estimated that it takes around 36 days for an organization to fill up a vacant position. Recruiters are expected to screen hundreds of resumes and multiple interviews to complete the hiring process.

A reliable recruitment software solution can help in solving some of these problems. A study report reveals that the recruitment software market is going to be more than the worth of $3000 million by the time of 2025. The tools are capable of automating aspects like candidate sourcing, candidate surveys, job ad placement, communication, and so more. A relevant HR recruitment software solution makes it simpler for a hiring team to easily and quickly find as well as hire the right candidate.

What are the Some of the Benefits?

The benefits of a HR software solution are undeniable. As per a survey, it is estimated that around 86 percent of recruiters using a dedicated software tool can easily hire faster. Some benefits to expect out of the recruitment software are:

  • Automates the Process:

    An ATS or Application Tracking System helps in streamlining the process of collecting CVs from candidates that are active. These systems also help in importing resumes from the candidates that are passive, publishing job postings, sorting and testing applicants, scheduling emails and interviews, and easily integrating multiple recruiting tools. Automation is a great boost for motivating employees as well.

  • Saves Time & Money:

    It is believed that 86 percent of recruiting professionals understand that an automated system significantly helps in speeding up the hiring process. With the overall automation and lack of manual work, the recruiting team is capable of making hiring decisions quickly while focusing on essential tasks.

  • More Time on Important Tasks:

    A reliable HR recruiting tool has well-defined analytical features for offering you an overview of the amount of time and effort you tend to spend on closing a vacancy. It also helps in analyzing which team members are the most productive and who are able to bring top talent to the respective team. Through active automation, teams are able to focus importantly on core tasks of the organization.

How to Choose the Best HR Recruiting Software?

HR recruiting software systems or solutions are available for all budgets and preferences. However, most of them are available with varying features. Here is an important list of important factors that you need to consider while choosing the best recruiting software:

  • Free Trial:

    You can go through all the reviews and ratings while learning the entire website by heart. Still, you can end up getting disappointed after you have purchased the HR recruiting software system or tool. The preferences tend to be individual. The best way you can learn whether or not the given platform is suitable for your organizational needs is by actually using the same. You can think of singing up for the demo, asking for a free trial, and ensuring that you are trying out its essential features after purchasing the same.

  • Subscription Plans:

    Usually, HR recruiting systems or tools tend to be scalable while coming with different pricing plans as per different requirements. There can be limitations in either available APIs, features, number of vacancies, team members, or integrations. When you are choosing the software, ensure that you will expand eventually while upgrading your plan at some point of using the solution. Ensure that you make predictions of how much your company will be growing in the coming years. You should have ample budget for a highly advanced plan if you need the same.

  • Customer service:

    Customer support matters significantly. You might encounter bugs in the software system or have problems with the functionality or payments. 24/7 customer services are something you require in case the team is spread across different time zones. If you are situated in the same time zone, the customer support that works within the same hours will be sufficient.

  • Customization:

    A customized recruiting software tool will support the company brand while improving candidate engagement and improving the internal user experience –right from start to finish. If you are in the market searching for the right ATS tool or platform to meet your business needs specifically, then you should look out for the one available with advanced customization options.

  • Integration:

    For offering the highest level of automation and making the hiring process efficiency, the hiring software or tool should feature different types of integrations. For instance, integrations with different job boards will allow automatic job postings and job descriptions across different job boards while analyzing the performance of each job listing. At the same time, integrations with social media platforms can help in automatically posting job announcements across multiple social media platforms and measuring the performance of the social media channels.


Recruiting software solutions help recruiters in avoiding manual work, accessing history of recruitment, tracking the efficiency and activities of the team members, implementing, or making better referral systems and being GDPR-compliant. When you are selecting the right tool, ample research of the right solutions in the market is needed. Go through the list of all available features of the tool to choose the best solution.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara