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How to motivate your employees and achieve better results?

Changes in the existing workplace bring about stress, uncertainty, and anxiety in the employees who are affected and the leaders as well who bring about implementation of the overall change. However, this tends to have an impact on the overall employee motivation and performance. Workplace success and employee engagements have a higher possibility when you ensure that your team is motivated. 

Motivation turns out to be an intrinsic part in comparison to being the extrinsic part of the process of team building. At the same time, it is a major challenge for most leaders out there. A proper leadership style with employee-centric orientation is also crucial to keep the teams motivated. 

What are the Main Issues with Employees’ Motivation?

Motivation issues can lead to specific performance-related problems costing businesses thousands of dollars every year. A lack of motivation within employees will lead to major delays in the overall completion of the work of employees. Some more problems that are a result of employee motivation are:

  • Reduced Self-confidence: Confidence enhances motivation quotient of employees. An individual is able to believe that he or she is capable of performing the tasks important to achieve specific goals. If there is a lack of confidence in employees, the individual might feel unworthy while not being able to make decisions properly. 
  • Reduced Expectations for Success: Affirmative expectations of success in a project will enhance the overall motivation of employees. If the employer will have higher expectations with respect to an employee, the employer will most likely assign engaging work or tasks to the respective employees. As a result, the self-esteem of employees increases along with the overall confidence and on-job performance.
  • Lack of Interest in Core Subject Matter: An employee will exhibit motivation as proper interest to take some relevant action. An interested and motivated employee will be curious about specific tasks while making attempts to perform the same properly. Lack of interest could lead to reduced motivation along with the failure to achieve a specific goal.
  • Fear of Failure: If there is fear of failure within an employee, he or she will fear the overall lack of success. The employee might even start avoiding work in which there is a lack of confidence to achieve success. The more individuals will possess fear of failure, the less motivated they will be to perform specific tasks or achieve goals.

Tips to Motivate Employees

Coming across useful and thoughtful ways to keep your employees motivated is a great step towards achieving organizational goals. If you are wondering how you can maximize employee motivation and keep your teams inspired to be their functional best, here are some tips:

#Set Clear Goals

Teams and employees should understand that they are working towards something solid and definite. The ultimate responsibility of a leader is to ensure that the mission is clear and well-defined for all the members working on it. Then, the leader should aim at converting the mission into measurable and specific achievable goals.

A measurable goal is the one that is time-bound, specific, and easy to analyze. The most important part is that the goal should be realistic. Your team should be capable of making a proper picture of how the daily routine will fit into the bigger picture. 

#Give Them Fair Pay

It is the ultimate responsibility of the organizational leader to be aware of what the employees are taking home. When you are setting the salaries of your employees, make sure that the pay remains consistent when compared with other companies in the given industry. It is reported that 26 percent of engaged employees reveal that they are willing to leave the current job for only 5 percent of the overall increase in pay. 

As an organization, you should not aim at losing great people because you will be underpaying them. With proper pay, employees will always be motivated to deliver the best-ever performance. 

#Show Your Appreciation

You should aim at investing time and energy within the team. Every member of the team should feel that they are respected, valued, and appreciated. They need to understand that you have commitment and proper interest in them. Recognizing their commitment, input, and efforts reveals that they are highly valued. In addition to value and appreciation, show that your employees have proper admiration and respect for their work. 

#Provide Them with Enough Feedback

Feedback serves to be a two-way street. Both employers and employees benefit from ongoing conversation and feedback. If you feel that the teams are going through proper motions, you should aim at rediscovering the motivational power of talking more and sharing more. 

#Encourage Collaboration

As per a study report, 39 percent of employees do not feel that their overall input is appreciated. It is imperative for employers to encourage the members of the team to fully engage. This can be done by inviting the suggestions and input on how to achieve things better. You should aim at asking questions, listening to the answers of team members, and implementing their solutions. 

#Forget About Micromanaging

No one is interested in working for a boss who would constantly keep a check on individuals while second-guessing every decision of the employees. As a matter of fact, 38 percent of employees in a study report revealed that they would be rather taking on unpleasant activities than being close to a micromanaging boss. 

#Create a Comfortable Working Environment

Everyone wishes to work in an office environment that is peaceful and stimulating. The office environment should make them feel productive rather than demotivated. You do not have to spend significantly to make the office space highly comfortable and inviting. 


There are several reasons why you should keep the employees motivated throughout. When employees of your organization are motivated, you can expect improved efficiency and performance throughout the organization. One of the most important aspects to consider is that people tend to thrive the best when you treat them well.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara