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Leadership development program. How to properly implement one?

Are you seeking a high-performing organization? In this case, there are certain tasks that cannot be avoided. One of the primary tasks is concerned with the development of current as well as future leaders of the organization. The overall perspective of designing as well as implementing a sustainable leadership development program can be daunting.

There is no denying the fact that a high-performing company will take ample discipline, practice, and time to ensure the same. Therefore, we aim at highlighting some of the core steps to implement a high-end HR leadership development program effectively.

What is a Leadership Development Program?

Leadership development programs have conventionally outgrown how organizations tend to invest in the overall growth by equipping high-potential workforce to occupy senior and executive positions in the organization in the coming term. As companies continue realizing the importance of agility within organizations, the concept of leadership development for a wider scope of managers and executives has become pivotal.

While the leadership development program of every company will appear different in unique ways, the presence of some common elements will help in creating a foundation for the development of crucial leadership skills. These will include ample access and exposure to current management, dedicated groups for ample support from the peers, shared learning, and formalized mentorship. A well-defined structure of the leadership program will help employees prosper and grow while still balancing out responsibilities for the ongoing business.

In addition to this, it has become increasingly important that the overall development and growth as a leader serve to be a personal journey -requiring a personalized approach. An effective leadership program is expected to be flexible towards meeting individual needs with respect to their current position. It can also help in providing the needed support for the challenges encountered by the workforce.

How Should a Leadership Development Program be Implemented?

The development of strong leaders can help an organization in improving the overall productivity, workflow, and the end profits. Most organizations leverage such programs to improve significant leadership traits amongst the employees. When you learn what makes these programs effective, it can help you in implementing the ideal one to ensure maximum success in the workplace.

Some effective tips for its implementation are:

  • Connect Program Goals with Business Goals – Have you aligned the goals of your leadership development program to the vision with which your organization is progressing? It is recommended to go through strategic priorities while determining specific skills that your leaders require towards accomplishing them. It is crucial to ensure the sustainable success of the leadership program. When your desired program is implemented successfully, your new program should align effectively with the working culture as well. When you have a well-defined, clear vision of how the essential skills you are developing in the leadership program will support the roadmap of the company, it will be beneficial in the long run.
  • Identify the Needs of the Learners and Plan Accordingly – Planning a leadership program and the journey of your employees can be a complicated task. Firstly, it is recommended to make sure that you are delivering essential skills that are directly linked to the core competencies of leadership within your organization. What are your leaders expected to do and why? What particular behaviors do you want the leaders to portray? Next, you should think about the right delivery methods you need towards meeting the diverse needs of the learners. Do the leaders of your organization require a virtual learning experience? Do you wish them to learn collaboratively or continue exploring on their own? Is blended leader’s journey the right solution?
  • Provide the Right Tools – You should pay attention to the role that might end up de-valuing the program. When front-line executives or managers are not included in the implementation of the leadership program, they will not end up committing the resources required for ensuring sustained success. Effective leadership program experts should conduct in-depth orientation sessions for the given groups. You should aim at teaching them how to coach the respective associates who are involved in the leadership program. Program managers would like to make sure that they attain the success for leaders they are training. Trainers are expected to conduct in-depth coaching along with dedicated training sessions for managers. It is also important for program owners to assist leaders in understanding why the program is significant and how it can lead to success.
  • Make the Start Easy for Your Learners – As the program mentor, you should plan out all the major touchpoints for all important roles -including managers, learning partners, champions, and leaders. It is crucial to review the respective communications for ensuring clarity and success. You should go through the pitch comprehensively. Encourage learners to observe the overall value and relevance of learning core leadership skills that they require for ample growth in the business. You can also ask for important influencers to consider promoting and sharing ample interest in the program at different levels.
  • Measure Success – Another great practice to ensure the implementation of the leadership development program successfully is by identifying outcomes that you look forward to achieving. When you possess this knowledge, you can leverage measurement data to demonstrate the leadership program and its overall effects. It is recommended to identify the existing gaps as well as opportunities for improving the overall impact of the program and guiding future decisions.

How can Our Leadership Agility Program Help You?

With FutureSolve’s Leadership Agility Program, you can leverage comprehensive leadership agility, coaching, and ample support for high-end strategies for your business. With C-suite leadership support from the industry experts, you can get reliable CHRO support to ensure quality leadership direction for your company. Moreover, you can also access the comprehensive manager training on leadership to help your organization operate at its best.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara