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New Talent Sourcing Platforms through “Artificial Reason”

“Artificial reason” is producing new talent sourcing platforms. These crawl the Internet for publicly available information and provide lists of viable candidates to recruiters. Data science will match people information in new ways to custom talent profiles. An entire new predictive and prescriptive “Scorecarding” industry is evolving out of the work written two decades ago by Brian E. Becker, Mark A. Huselid, and David Ulrich: The HR Scorecard: Linking People, Strategy, and Performance.

New app-driven visualizations of the insights garnered from “artificial reason” will be displayed confidentially for goal-driven discussions between a direct report and the manager. Such graphs and charts will be interactive in live time and remove the “black box” aspect of advanced statistical modeling in Predictive Model Markup Language. Modeling will flow with ease from one Information Technology platform to the next. Coders working in their favorite environment will be able to display their work in a myriad of Web-based applications. Human Resource Professionals will have access to accurate, meaningful, valuable, and predictive just-in-time information as they make their personnel decisions.

Because of the scientific reliability of psychometric assessment results, these will continue to be the primary job screening element in any Applicant Training System. Nevertheless, the assessments will begin to retreat out of view. Recruiters and Hiring Managers will look at predicted metrics and sourcing instead. That is only fair. Assessments were never intended to be an end in themselves, but a means to discover those hidden traits and necessary skills for getting the job done right.

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Why do recruiters need to consider these talent sourcing platforms?

Irrespective of the business domain or industry, most recruiters out there specify candidate profile sourcing as one of the major points. With multiple jobs to fill and limited time, recruiters are constantly under the pressure to come across the right fits for the respective roles.

Eliminating manual tasks

Every department in the organization can leverage the automation benefits of talent sourcing platforms. Automation helps in eliminating manual tasks. Workflow automation enables recruiters to create job postings conveniently while posting them on job search sites and screening resumes from qualified candidates instantly.

Reducing bias

The overall demand to hire the right talent tends to grow with your business. Therefore, you need to embrace innovative digital solutions to improve the recruitment process. To select the right candidates from an ever-increasing applicant pool, you can leverage AI-driven talent sourcing platforms to eliminate all bias.

Finding passive candidates

Passive talent sourcing is the process of finding and engaging prospective candidates who might not be actively looking for a job opportunity. Hiring managers and smart recruiters can leverage the right talent sourcing platform to come across passive candidates.

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Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara