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Onboarding Software from Future Solve: 3 Key Functions

An employee onboarding software has a few key functions, which include capturing the personal data of each employee, sending it to HR, and completing the onboarding process smoothly. However, each software has varying features designed for businesses of different sizes and natures. A common mistake of an HR department is choosing an onboarding employee software just for the sake of automation. You need to look for a few indispensable features in these software applications before installing them on your business premises. Remember, software that has limited functionalities won’t help your company scale. Likewise, feature-packed employee onboarding software is useless if it has a chaotic and confusing interface. FutureSolve is an HR consultancy company that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver the best human resource management services to clients all over the world. In this post, we’ve reviewed FutureSolve’s AI-powered learning and upskilling platform. Read on to learn why your business needs FutureSolve as its HR partner and how will this collaboration benefit your staff and the organization in the long run.

Why Choose Futuresolve as Your HR Tech Partner?

FutureSolve is an HR advisory and consulting company that has developed AI-powered tools to speed up your company’s growth and help you find the most talented and deserving candidates for your organization. From strategic CHRO advisory services to using AI for predicting growth and savings, FutureSolve helps secure your business’ future. One of the areas where it excels is the onboarding and employee management software. The company uses AI to find fresh talents, match their applications with your job offering, and hire the most suitable candidates for your company. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, FutureSolve crawls over 4000 sites and finds candidates based on several filters, like location, job description, past experience, qualifications, and so on. Collaborating with FutureSolve can help you accomplish your personal goals while achieving corporate objectives. Not just the hiring, but FutureSolve can manage human resources quite effectively. They have introduced tools that help you track your employees’ performance and predict retention, engagement, and other metrics. FutureSolve has a massive following and clientele, and it’s not hard to see why. With such an extensive range of features and an AI-powered learning platform, it has emerged as one of the best employee onboarding tools in the market.

3 Key Functions of Disprz—Learning and Development Platform

One of the many AI-powered platforms introduced by FutureSolve is Disprz—a one-stop learning and upskilling portal that offers personalized learning experiences to each individual working for your organization. The main purpose of this learning tool is to promote smooth business operations by empowering organizations to promote the right skills and improve employee performance. Irrespective of the organizational goals, Disprz helps employees learn things that promote growth—on personal and professional levels. With over 1.8 million learners across the world and many reputable organizations, like Amazon and Uber, associated with the platform, it’s undoubtedly gained immense popularity in the learning and upskilling industry.  Let’s check out the three vital functions of Disprz.

1. Skill-based Learning: Assessing the Current Skill Levels of Employees

Disprz’s skill-based learning platform has Skill Stack—a tool that evaluates the trending skills in your industry and bridges the skill gap by developing customized learning programs for individuals based on their qualifications and current skills. A crucial part of the upskilling strategy is identifying the areas your employees need to improve. First things first, you need to monitor their current skill levels so you can get a better picture of which skills they need to improve their productivity. Comparing the employees’ skills with the required skills help businesses create an engaging learning pathway for each employee.

2. Driving Personalized Journeys

The whole purpose of integrating AI with its onboarding software is to create personalized learning experiences for individual employees. Now, you can develop personalized learning solutions that match the individual learning interests of each employee. This doesn’t just make learning easier for your team but ensures that your employees feel valued and respected. This will instill confidence in them, encouraging them to work harder for the company and get their personal objectives aligned with the corporate goals. Everyone learns differently. Knowing what your employees need and the pace at which they learn allows businesses to develop a learning path that’s tailored to their needs.

3. Tracking progress

The software uses skilling scores to identify your employees’ progress and make adjustments to the learning strategy based on employees’ current performances. The reports and analytics function in Disprz is not just to track their progress but help businesses pinpoint the areas the employees can improve. Their progress is tracked at every stage of learning so that you can know the difficulties they experience, their growth so far, and other factors. An organization can personalize the learning journey of an employee after assessing these factors.

What are Some Additional Benefits of the Software?

In addition to analyzing the skill gap, Disprz has advanced AI-powered capabilities that streamline a lot of hectic business processes and make management smoother. The tool helps you achieve the entire onboarding employee checklist. It has a vast content repository that allows you to filter content based on the module type, previous ratings, and other factors. Employees can even create their own personalized dashboards that show them the real-time progress of their learning. From identifying the current skillset of each employee to building a customized learning pathway for them and tracking their progress throughout the learning journey, Disprz is FutureSolve’s all-in-one learning platform. It automates all learning procedures and enables your team to do better for the company by honing their skills.

Bottom Line

Disprz is highly effective in creating personalized learning journeys for employees working for your company. It adapts to the learning styles of these employees, improving their learning experience and ensuring the smooth workflow of your organization. From recruiting new talents to teaching them your corporate function, this onboarding employee software automates everything.
Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara