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Aptology Platform

Aptology Platform

15 minute A.I powered survey for customer facing positions. Ensure you make the right hire.

Using Aptology’s platform, customers like Google Cloud, Oracle, and ADP are able to:

  • Identify what makes top performers stand out in their role
  • Understand their current teams, including who to retain; who to develop (and how); where to pivot – those that may be a better fit in another role
  • Sift through external and internal candidates objectively with a focus on quality and behavioral fit to the role
  • Promote retention and leverage investment with internal mobility and career development
  • Build organizational intelligence and resilience that survives management departures
  • Increase talent pools and improve diversity and inclusion as behavioral data does not rely on university names or predetermined, narrowing keywords

Aptology customers have experienced 2.7x revenue lift and 35% decrease in unwanted attrition. It’s not magic. It’s understanding behavior at scale and how it relates to performance in your organization

Aptology’s AI predictive models are built with objective data and a behavioral blueprints, using over 50 million combinations to identify the unique behaviors required for job success. Each Success Profile identifies the attributes that differentiate top performance in the role, taking company culture, size and stage into account.

Candidates and Incumbents are compared to the Success Profile to create a Fit-score, which identifies how likely they are to succeed in the role with 80%+ accuracy.

Our Behavioral Interview is free from bias as confirmed by Cambridge University, and our models pass adverse impact validation to ensure less bias and greater inclusivity. This enables our clients to have a predictive and fair solution that can help to increase diversity.

Our solutions are GDPR compliant and built with the most rigorous security concerns in mind.

Analyze your current team’s performance by using the dynamic Manager Dashboard. See at a glace who to enable, nurture, monitor or pivot to another role.

Improve your current team’s performance by identifying each person’s gaps compared to the ideal behavioral style required for the role and using our dynamic content to coach people to top performance.

Encourage Internal Mobility and Retention by helping people find the best role-fit. Analyze lower performers to see if they would have increased success in a different role.

Ensure your models evolve with changes in the role. Our AI and machine learning algorithms dynamically evolve with the role and account for changes in your organization or marketplace.

Additional information

Product Price: $$$
Number of Employee:
  • 500-1499
  • 1500+
Cloud Hosted: no
Cloud Type:
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • ETC
Languages Supported:
GDPR Compliant: yes
Encryption: yes
Backup & Recovery: no
Privacy Policy: yes
Technology Policy: no
Hosting Locations/ Countries:
Open API: yes
Single Sign On: no
Customized Branding: yes


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