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Strategic talent sourcing and how to develop it

The quality of employees of the organization has a clear and distinct link to the overall success. The increasingly recognized demand for modern HR (Human Resources) is why a number of organizations are focusing on hiring the best future employees for the respective business. Let us further explore how talent acquisition can work for your business in practice.

What does Talent Sourcing Mean?

Talent sourcing or talent acquisition is the ability of the company to recruit top-quality employees for meeting its operational needs. The work in association with talent sourcing is within the scope of the HR team.

Getting access to strategic talent sourcing of the organization is crucial for ensuring its long-term success. It can help recruiters in defining and eventually targeting candidates possessing specific experience and skills that are valuable to the company. It also helps in implementing imperatives towards attracting quality individuals to work for the organization –instead of losing them to competition.

Talent sourcing is a long-term HR strategy committed to fulfilling organizational goals by coming across top talent and assuring them to bring up their valuable skills and experience to your organization. To ensure long-term success, it is pivotal for you to attract as well as retain quality employees irrespective of the vacant roles. Talent sourcing can help you achieve the same.

Why Should You Develop Strategic Talent Sourcing?

In the modern era, a dedicated strategic talent sourcing process is critical for:

  • Identifying the right candidates who will provide a great culture fit for the organization
  • Creating or finding new roles if the aspiring candidate is available in the industry or market
  • Assessing passive candidates for potential roles in the organization
  • Referring a company to as the ‘preferred employer’ to young, talented professionals for developing uninterrupted talent pipeline

Whether you aim at hiring C-level executives or remote developers, effective hiring and recruiting strategies can help you in several ways.

  • Candidate sourcing helps in building the right talent pipeline
  • Talent sourcing and acquisition helps in saving time
  • Candidate acquisition influences future offer acceptance
  • Sourcing offers you access to relevant references

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How to Develop a Successful Strategy?

The entire talent acquisition and recruiting process is undergoing a major change with the changing preferences of the rising demand and young workforce for cutting-edge talent –for instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud competencies, and digital marketing. Here are some effective talent acquisition strategies for your organization:

#Identify the Ideal Candidate Profile

It is quite challenging to come across something if you are not aware of what exactly you are looking for. This is wherein searching for the right candidate profile comes in. A dedicated candidate profile is all about defining the right candidate for a particular position. An ideal candidate profile should include core characteristics like optimistic, independent thinker, customer service background, and other skills you would like to see ultimately in the hired candidate.

#The Right Talent Pools

Move away from reactive recruitments to meeting the ongoing business requirements while also focusing on the requirements of the people in the future. This implies engaging with the right candidates and establishing relationships for future roles. It helps in ensuring a solid talent pipeline for proactively addressing future talent gaps.

By creating detailed ideas of what you are searching for in the respective candidate profile, you will find it easier to source and assess the talent pool. Different job portals will have different specialties. Acquiring the right talent requires understanding wherein the candidates with the right talent are situated.

#Write Job Descriptions Carefully

The HR team of your organization should partner with the marketing department for refining job descriptions, emails, career pages, and so more. By making use of relevant data and analytics, you can make sure that the job description as well as career pages are not deterring qualified candidates from applying for the given job post.

The job description that you come up with should feature explicit and well-defined links between the requirements and talent required for fulfilling them. If marketing highlights the talent needs, you are more likely to gain the attention of several top-level candidates for satisfying your requirements.

#Encourage Referrals

Professionals of the same career backgrounds attract each other. It is especially true for the IT community. When you ask for referrals, it can significantly simplify the technology hiring process and the overall recruitment. You are simply required to motivate people significantly towards suggesting someone for a specific position.

If you wish to initiate a dedicated referral program, you can reward the existing employees with monetary benefits you will save on finding candidates.

#Analyze the Process

It is important to analyze the process of candidate sourcing or acquisition in advance. When you do so, it becomes clear to come up with a well-defined plan for acquiring the right talent. Align with the hiring managers early while ensuring that you remain on the same page about the profile of a strong candidate. It is one of the best ways to source candidates.

Leverage the past efforts of your team by starting every search with the candidates your team has already invested time in. For working successfully with archived candidates, you will require a dedicated plan and process for engagement.

#Connect with the Leads

Once you have identified the right talent pool, you require a clear strategy to inform how you will be engaging with the potential candidates. Moreover, the message you will send to the leads should be customized. When you send a dedicated message, you can start your relationship by carefully stating that you are worried about them.

Artificial Intelligence

Some mistakes to avoid

In most cases, hiring managers are dreaded when their current employees start leaving the organization only some months after joining. Common errors during talent sourcing can result into a bad hire. A bad hire significantly reduces workplace efficiency and the overall success.

Some common mistakes to avoid in your sourcing talent strategies are:

Not spending enough time on strategy preparation

Finding the right talent might not always be easy. It is a time-consuming process and might require ample hard work. However, this does not imply that you do not prepare well for strategic talent sourcing. Take time to assess and analyze properly. Look for all available options and then decide the best talent sourcing strategies for your organization.

Using the wrong tools

The use of the right tool for talent sourcing can help in creating a major difference in the entire recruitment process. Reliable talent sourcing or talent acquisition tools like AI-powered recruitment software can help in streamlining the recruitment process according to the specific needs of the organization. Without the presence of the right tools, you will end up gathering wrong information about the candidates and eventually hiring them only to suffer in the long run.


Talent sourcing is an important initial step in hiring the best talent in your organization. The best talent sourcing teams are capable of cultivating a robust and steady stream of top-quality potential candidates for joining your organization.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara