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The Future of Job Postings

There has been significant progress in making job postings attractive to the right audience with artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing tools – however the result is still a text-based lengthy job posting with many unnecessary requirements that many online users will breeze past and detract diverse talent. The job posting for attraction purposes has come a long way and it is now due for a major shift to appeal to the next generation of talent expecting to consume bite-size content in an information overloaded world we live in.

The workplace trends and future of job postings that will continue to make an impact in quality and diversity of the applicant pools are as follows:

Traditional / Current Job Postings Future Job Postings
Text-based, inclusive language Inclusive imagery, visualization – bite sized
Company vision, mission, values Company impact to society
Employee value proposition Employee testimonial – at job level
Many unnecessary skills and requirements Top 3-6 key skills and success criteria (OKRs)

Job postings are just as critical as the content on the career site and have a great impact on attracting targeted talent pools. Organizations who quickly figure out how to differentiate themselves in the way they market their jobs will always be a step ahead of their competition in attracting talent.

Organizations like Cliquify have significantly changed the way we look at jobs and schedule performance index.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara