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Top HR Podcasts in 2023

Over the past few years, the overall popularity of podcasts has become predominant across different industries. It is estimated that there are over 464.7 million podcast listeners in the world. Moreover, around 41 percent of respondents revealed that they listen to podcasts quite proactively. While most podcasts out there are available for entertainment, those having a focus on thought-leadership across workplaces have significantly increased in the overall popularity.

Podcasts serve to be great resources for all HR professionals -especially directors and HR managers. They offer an easy way to keep updated with the latest developments in HR while delving deeper into specific areas like retention, employee engagement, and inclusion & diversity, recruitment, and HR technology. But how do you start?

We have compiled a list of the best HR podcasts 2023 for you to go through and bring about a revolution in your HR functions.

What are the Best HR Podcasts 2023?

Podcasts are a great way to broaden your overall horizons. They help in expanding your core HR skills, teaching something new about recruitment & talent management, or taking you on an episode-long journey into the future of work.

What is the best thing about this? It will not cost you even a single penny as you get to listen to your favorite podcast whenever and wherever you like. Speaking of HR podcasts, here are some of our best suggestions:

1. The Strategic HR Show

The Strategic HR Show by FutureSolve is a leading HR podcast series. In this podcast, HR experts talk to HR leaders and senior business executives towards sharing their advice on how to ensure better decisions within the workplace. Through relevant people management strategies, the podcast aims at offering suggestions to HR leaders on getting the best out of people and managing them at the same time.

Whether it is about developing your teams or leaders, creating a high-performing culture, hiring better candidates, or any other similar function, the podcast can help you boost the overall performance of the people and the entire business. There are six episodes in the entire podcast series as industry experts unfold their expertise and knowledge spectrum to help HR leaders and executives boost industry-level performance.

2. All About HR

It is a dedicated AIHR podcast. Moreover, it is also available as a video series. In the podcast, HR industry specialists, thought leaders, and CHROs offer an insight into everything related to HR along with the latest industry trends.

There is a new episode every week in which the podcast speaker speaks to experts, HR leaders, and practitioners from all corners of the world. Everyone of them have a fresh take on HR practices along with the changing way of work. Together, the participants of the podcast will discuss epic falls, wins, and what you can learn from them. New episodes are available on all podcast channels.

3. DriveThruHR

Since 2010, DriveThruHR has come up with a reputation as one of the fast-paced podcasts for HR professionals. Reputed show hosts like Crystal Miller-Lay, Robin Schooling, Mike Van Dervort, and Dwayne Lay are present on the famous podcast across the HR world.

The hosts and other associated crew of this HR famous show invite guests who spend around half an hour every 2 weeks as they discuss some of the latest and most demanding topics in the HR domain. Some of the common topics discussed in the podcast are talent management, recruiting, company culture, HR tech, and so more.

4. The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

The leading HR podcast has come up to throw some light on several misconceptions about the profession of Human Resources. Julie Turney is the host of the podcast. She podcasts the show form Barbados as she moves forth with helping her listeners understand the human side of HR professionals. She aims at sharing the common fears and challenges of HR professionals out there.

Julie is known to be gifted in the sense that you cannot stop listening to her as she speaks on the HR domain. There is a new episode released every week during which Julie goes forward with selecting any topic -varying from supporting HR professionals to career development, international leadership, creation of a dedicated HR community, and so more.

Her guests at the podcast range from former HR professionals to impact architects, leading authors, company founders, and CHROs. New episodes of the podcast are easily available on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

5. RecruitingDaily

It is a popular podcast that aims at covering topics associated with talent acquisition and recruiting. The podcast is hosted by William Tincup along with other industry experts. The podcast discusses interviews with HR professionals, recruiters, and experienced thought leaders to offer the best practices and insights into leading strategies related to sourcing, recruitment, employer branding, and candidate engagement.

The podcast also aims at covering the latest technologies and trends in the field of recruitment. It offers access to practical advice and tips for recruiters who wish to improve the overall skills while staying ahead of the competition. On an overall basis, RecruitingDaily can be regarded as a great resource for recruitment and HR professionals who wish to be up-to-date on the latest recruitment strategies and trends.

6. Digital HR Leaders Podcast

It is a podcast that focuses on digital transformation and HR innovation. The podcast is hosted by David Green. It features interviews with executives, HR leaders, and experts who are leading the domain of digital HR.

The podcast is aimed at covering a wide range of topics -including data analytics, HR technology, AI, and rapid employee engagement. It offers the best practices and insights for HR professionals who wish to leverage digital technologies to improve leading HR practices.

7. HR Party One

It is a famous YouTube series by BerniePortal. It is also a sought-after podcast for HR professionals. It focuses on HR-related issues that face medium-sized and small-scale employers, while improving retention rates and the overall employee satisfaction. The podcast also tackles important topics like compliance, payroll, onboarding, benefits, and so more.

BerniePortal also delivers access to the best practices and clear answers for your most pressing HR-related questions. With over 250 episodes, HR Party One offers access to actionable insights into leading topics like culture, hiring, technology, leadership, and so more. Episodes of HR Party One are also available on YouTube if you prefer high-end video format.

Strategic HR Show

8. Punk Rock HR

The podcast was earlier known as Let’s Fix Work. It is a leading podcast by Laurie Ruettimann. The podcast is focused on stories out of workplaces and how to resolve workplace-related issues by interviewing HR leaders, Human Resources experts, politicians, and celebrities.

For more than two decades, Laurie continues depicting meaningful stories and coming up with actionable solutions that are focused on the creation of improved employee experiences while improving retention rates and improving job satisfaction. Laurie was once a prominent HR leader herself. She now serves the role of a renowned speaker, podcaster, and an esteemed author. If you are committed to learning more about workplace culture and how you should fix the same, it serves to be an excellent source of information for you.

9. In The Hour

It is a podcast that is aimed on the concept of leadership and the creation of a better future amidst uncertainty and rapid changes. The podcast is hosted by Lolly Daskal. She is a famous executive coach and an esteemed award-winning author. The podcast is also co-hosted by Jared Nichols -the founder and futurist of the famous The Foresight Academy. The podcast is committed to providing practical insights and tools for taking up the active role in modifying the future.

With the overall combined experience, training, and coaching by several industry leaders, Daskal & Nichols offer access to actionable insights and unmatched wisdom for achieving success in the rapidly changing world. If wish to serve as a high-end leader while creating a more positive future, you can listen to the In The Hour podcast.

10. Happiness at Work

While not explicitly aimed at HR executives or leaders of the HR domain, HR professionals can consider learning immensely about the long-running podcast about the concept of spreading happiness in the workplace. Every episode of the podcast features a dedicated interview with an industry expert, a successful leader, or even an entrepreneur towards exploring how they embrace and value happiness.

The podcast is also more significant in the wake of the ongoing pandemic with leading topics like employee burnout, time management, and remote workforces.


If there is one thing we are sure of is that HR podcasts are for everyone. All you need to do is to take some time out and listen carefully. Whether you wish to hear interesting stories of human behavior or wish to unravel the latest development in the field of HR, the wide number of HR podcasts will get you started in no time.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara