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What are the most desired employee benefits in 2022?

Employee benefits are rapidly becoming a hot topic in the modern workplace. To top it all, organizations of the world are leveraging innovative ways to attract as well as retain top talent. However, it is not that simple and straightforward.

Employers are expected to analyze what they are offering to the employees. Some of the considerations should be the value of employee benefits, the cost of providing employee benefits, the overall cost to the respective employers, percentage of the benefit used by the employer, and the overall ease of implementation. Therefore, it is crucial to come up with the best employee benefits packages for your organization.

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits systems include a series of non-wage compensation offered to the employees. It is in addition to the salaries or normal wages of the employees. Employee benefits might be required by law or offered voluntarily by the respective employers.

From the employees’ point of view, a reliable and useful employee benefits package can help in increasing the overall value the employees will receive out of the working life while contributing to their own health and their family as well. On the other hand, from the employers’ point of view, these benefits are useful in helping the workforce remain motivated and content. It will help in reducing the chances of the employees leaving the work to somewhere else.

The most desired employee benefits for 2022

Employee benefits will be unique to each company. Moreover, with the advent of the global pandemic, benefits appear to be different as we progress subsequently.

One of the easiest ways to analyze the right employee benefits for your organization is to preferably look into what other organizations are doing. For your help, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the most desired employee benefits for 2022 and beyond.

Flexible working hours

The first thing on the list of employee benefits should be flexible working schedules or routines. One aspect that the global pandemic has taught all in the past two years is that working schedules can be flexible and without any stress.

The conventional 9 to 5 working scenario has started falling downside. Employers continue learning that all employees are not the same. When employers allow employees to have flexible schedules, employers are able to reap the rewards of the workforce. It involves putting in additional efforts towards choosing a schedule that will fit the needs of all.

Remote work

The remote working capabilities are another major benefit that modern employees look forward to enjoying in the modern workplace scenario. Employees belonging to the 2005-2010 workforce group have observed a rise in the overall popularity of remote working. The overall adaptation of remote work has received immense materialization since the time of 2020 -right after the pandemic.

In the all-new working schedules, employees are demanding that remote working should be included before they go ahead with signing the respective employment agreement. Of all the highly sought-after employee benefits for 2022 and beyond, remote working tops the list.

Paid healthcare

There is no denying the fact that healthcare is expensive. The overall costs of healthcare management continue rising at a rapid rate -especially since the time of the pandemic. Another leading shift that employees can see in their workplace culture since 2022 is the introduction of reliable paid healthcare benefits.

Employee insurance has become a competitive requirement for all-new talent. While different organizations tend to offer different healthcare benefits, possessing a full-time healthcare benefit program should be an important addition to any team. As healthcare costs continue rising with time, full-time paid employer healthcare and insurance are the most important employee benefits to be added.

Mental health support

Modern employees are going to look for mental health benefits within workplaces. These could include access to counselors, extensive therapy sessions, and options for the maintenance of mental health. While it is not a new benefit, organizations are nowadays seeking a deeper insight into the overall mental health benefits coverage delivered by medical insurance.

Companies also continue investing in high-end mindfulness apps to help employees in balancing the overall stress of working from home and managing life from home. Companies are expected to be more creative in the development of mindfulness strategies as crucial employee benefits.

Student loan repayment

Student loan assistance can be a major deal-breaker for young employees who have just started out in their professional careers. When you work with an organization that helps you in repaying the student loans is a crucial benefit that most younger individuals are not capable of passing up.

As the overall college costs keep increasing along with the accumulation of student loan debt, when there is a dedicated repayment plan, it implies a major difference to the young, top talent.

Paid time off

Just some years back, the standard time-off for employees within a workplace appeared significantly distinct from what it does in the modern era. Previously, employers used to offer employees an average of around 5 sick days and around 10 days of vacation. However, the advent of the covid-19 pandemic has altered the manner in which employers offer sick leave. It is because of the increasing number of days involved in being under quarantine due to the virus.

A number of employers are nowadays offering unlimited or increased time-offs for the respective employees. Without tracking a fixed number of days, employers have realized that employees tend to work harder and more efficiently when they are taking more days off than in the past.


The overall importance of employer benefits should not be overlooked by organizations of the world. Employee benefits like relevant health insurance and others have now become one of the primary requirements that a company should offer towards retaining its employees. At the same time, employee benefits like insurance cover should not be the only thing being offered.

Organizations should realize that for attracting top talent in 2022, and beyond, more employee benefits and perks should be provided in the respective recruiting efforts.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara