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What to expect from an HR technology advisor?

The modern workforce landscape is witnessing a major revolution. The past few years were spent in learning about the use of technology towards finding new ways to adapt while getting the work done efficiently. Since the advent of the pandemic, as employees return to office, the role of technology -especially in departments like HR or Human Resources, has taken on all-new significance.
Prior to the global pandemic, the
HR technology
domain was full of new tools as well as services to assist HR professionals take ample control of the increasingly complex workplace environment. However, convincing C-suite to ensure investments in these cutting-edge, tech-based resources has been a challenge. To help your organization adopt the latest HR technology trends while leveraging its multiple benefits, the role of professional HR technology consultants or advisors cannot be overruled.

Why Do Companies Need HR Technology Advisors?

An experienced HR technology advisor or consultant is concerned with helping organizations implement the latest technology tools and resources that are relevant to the HR department of the organization. The HR advisor also helps in assessing whether or not the organization requires any changes initially. Ultimately, a qualified HR technology expert or consultant can assist in automating HR processes like hiring, legal compliance, payroll management, employee relations, and so more.
Even a highly experienced HR professional is expected to undergo strong HRIS implementation at least once in the respective career. As most HR employees do not focus on the working of HR technology, organizations go ahead with hiring a professional HR technology advisor or even a complete consulting firm to assist with strategic planning.
Larger organizations, particularly, have a difficult time integrating the all-new technology system. As the integration is not expected to hinder day-to-day HR tasks, consultants or advisors offer creative solutions as well as ample support.

What to Expect from HR Technology Advisor?

Larger organizations typically have a dedicated HR technology team. The team is responsible for overseeing different systems, technology capabilities, and business processes related to HR. Some additional responsibilities to expect from HR technology advisors are:

  • A Thorough Discussion About the Company’s Needs While every HR departments of organizations require a dedicated HRIS system for meeting primary HR needs, introduction of the new software solution might not necessarily help in resolving the existing issues.
    An HR tech consultant will help in assessing whether or not the new technology is worth investing in the department. Tech consultants usually have a relevant combination of both HR and tech skills. Therefore, they are capable of offering valuable insight into technology along with general employee relations. They also go ahead with interviewing stakeholders and highlighting solutions like the implementation of HR or Human Capital Management software solutions.
    There is a possibility that an organization might not require a new system but only an update of the current solution. In this case, HR tech advisors can help businesses in saving ample time as well as money.
  • Provision of Convenient Software Selection When an organization makes the decision of going ahead with the use of particular HR tech-centric tools, it is expected that the HR tech advisors will help in determining the right choice or vendor. At this point, HR tech consultants should be aware of the right solutions.
    An organization can consider automating HR policies or general supervision or related activities. Another organization might want to improve the entire employee experience. For every goal set, the advisors are expected to offer the best-possible solution out there. While deciding on the right software vendor, some important points to consider are:
    • Creating RFP
    • Listing the requirements of the company
    • Conducting demos

    The consulting process is concerned with conducting in-depth market review while gaining meaningful insights. The consultants are, therefore, expected to identify as well as decide on the best available HR tech solutions for an organization.

  • Recording Demo of the Products of Interest Tech consultants are not expected to simply jump into the integration of software solutions within an organization. A professional is expected to execute demo of the respective products of interest for the overall well-being of the organization. An HR tech advisor is expected to consult with the respective stakeholders towards ensuring that they understand the problem at hand. To top it all, the advisor should aim at alignment on the respective expectations.
    A technology requirement of an organization does not imply that the company has access to the necessary resources to afford the existing programs or services. Before advancing to the integration process, the HR tech advisor should execute the demo of the product to understand its role and the overall cost.
  • Deeper Dive Demos From payroll to recruitment, learning and development, the wide range of technological solutions required to run any organization has skyrocketed. It, therefore, becomes challenging for HR professionals to choose the right one. In this aspect, professional HR tech consultants can help HR professionals conduct in-depth software demos to understand its role and working.

What is So Good About FutureSolve’s Advisors?

With FutureSolve, you can get access to a highly qualified and experienced team of business advisors featuring experienced CHROs, professional advisors, and executives. The team at FutureSolve is guided by an experienced tech advisory team having several years of combined expertise in investing in privately-held organizations. The team here partners with HR managers, owners, and even equity stakeholders of successful organizations to maximize the respective potential.
Tech consultants are concerned with offering in-depth knowledge and industry-relevant expertise to help organizations implement the latest HR technology solutions. Moreover, they also offer help with upgrading the existing HR software while assessing whether or not such a change is needed.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara