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Annie Snowbarger

Professional Advisor

Annie Snowbarger is a Founding Member of HPWP Group and Great Work Cultures. She is passionate about thought leadership and enjoys writing and partnering on content that matters.

Inspiring teams to achieve more has been a big part of Annie’s career. She has spent over a decade building high performance sales teams and distribution channels in Europe, Asia and Latin America. She is highly skilled at facilitating groups using creative methods to harness a team’s ability to think differently.

Annie has worked with HPWP Group since its inception in 2006 and has enjoyed many incredible opportunities for growth over the years. She finds great satisfaction in helping others improve performance and gain confidence through practical application of HPWP principles.

Annie’s primary focus has been establishing thought leadership for HPWP Group by writing articles, partnering on workbooks, delivering webinars and creating materials for prospects and clients. She loves meeting new people and her passion is promoting the HPWP vision at every opportunity. She also enjoys facilitating groups, conducting stay interviews and using creative methods that harness the team’s ability to think differently.

During her corporate career, Annie developed expertise training culturally diverse groups and motivating teams for success. She spent 15 years building high performance sales teams, and distribution channels in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Annie is a graduate of California State University with a degree in International Business and Economics. She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle—beach, mountains and desert. She enjoys travel and volunteering.

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