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Employer branding and your company’s success

Branding is mostly associated with the marketing aspect of any business. The company logo and brand messaging offer the target audience an in-depth insight into what your brand is all about. As you aim at delivering the right message for your marketing efforts, the recruiting benefits of branding might be neglected.

The strategies related to recruiting and retaining candidates have changed in the past few years. This is primarily due to modern technological advancements along with the overall growth of online job portals and social media. Without a strong and reliable brand, an organization might be missing out on the opportunity of hiring the right candidates.

What does Employer Branding Mean?

Employer branding is the reflection of the company and its reputation in terms of an employer. It also signifies multiple benefits the company offers to its employees. Employer branding helps in communicating the identity and working culture of the company while stating what makes it stand out from other organizations.

A strong brand can help you in landing the best-available talent while allowing you to retain valuable employees. It helps in creating a strong sense of loyalty amongst employees while converting them into valuable representatives of the organization. As they share their stories, employees can draw the attention of other individuals into applying for the company. Let us help you understand why employer branding is important.

Why is Employer Branding Important?

Some reasons that explain the importance of employer branding for any organization are:

  • Improving Social Media Presence: Social media is undeniably a vital marketing tool for any business. However, in addition to promoting products and services, it also helps with awareness of your company. When you leverage the benefits of branding for social media platforms, you offer your organization additional exposure while reaching out to more people.
  • Improving Employee Retention and Hiring New Candidates: A reliable brand image will help your employees to feel confident and proud of the company culture. It becomes easier to retain employees this way. With improved branding, applicants can become highly aware of the overall benefits of working with your brand.
  • Improving Employee Engagement: Employees working in strong brands tend to be more enthusiastic as well as motivated. When you have motivated employees, it is great for employers as they are more productive. More productivity implies improved growth for any business. As your company grows, your revenues grow as well. This ensures ample financial stability for your organization. A company that is financially-stable will always serve as more attractive to prospective candidates.

    Employer Branding and Your Company’s Success

    Developing a strong employer brand implies looking into what your employees want –what they want to learn. A recent survey found that millennial workers crave ongoing development opportunities. Employees nowadays want to hone their skills –irrespective of the background, age, or gender.

    Here are some effective ways of ensuring effective employer branding for your organization:

    • Increases Your Job Pool

      Branding helps your organization in resonating better by sharing your core values. As more people get attracted to the company, it is possible to draw the attention of highly qualified and talented candidates. It helps in saving time and costs involved in explaining potential candidates why you provide the best environment to work in.

    • Attracts Better Candidates

      Effective employer branding can help in creating a meaningful story about your brand as well as work culture. It helps prospective candidates connect with your brand effectively. You will not have a company without people in it. Therefore, it is important to showcase the success stories of existing employees in your organization.

      It can be done through blogs, videos, and other informative content on your career page. You can also leverage the benefits of social accounts of your company. It is imperative for a brand to tell a compelling story to showcase that your company is a great place to work in.

    • Motivates Your Employees

      Most successful brands are implementing strong employer branding strategies to accompany employees and instill a notion of confidence and motivation in them. The objective is to guide or shape the overall employee behavior such that people working for the company can creatively and effectively project the brand identity. It can be achieved through the help of public, work, and social media behavior.

    • Saves Money for Your Company

      You can effectively save on expensive recruiting procedures while ensuring that new recruiting is carried out quickly through the presence of a strong brand image. It is also possible to minimize advertising and promotions by allowing your brand to speak for the company. As you spend on the recruiting efforts, it helps you in attracting more talent. With a reliable brand, you are not required to reach out to prospective candidates, they will search you themselves.

    • Improves Your Brand Image

      Existing employees become brand ambassadors. Therefore, your company’s brand image improves significantly. Moreover, hires through referrals also increase. The more your current employees will be talking positively about your brand, the more you can get access to qualified candidates.

    Moreover, when your existing employees talk about the successful business of your brand, it helps the brand in becoming stronger without spending significantly on marketing. This is because awareness increases by word of mouth. This helps in creating a domino effect. With improved brand awareness, your overall sales increase in parallel.


    As far as employer branding is concerned, your organization needs ample time to focus on the aspect. It is crucial to understand why it matters and how a reliable strategy can benefit your organization in the long-term. Like anything else, it serves to be a team effort.

    While recruiting and Human Resources are main players in the given space, involving your marketing team and CEO is vital for the overall success. Indeed, you cannot control everything with your employer branding. However, you can easily start shaping the narrative and making sure that people have a positive view of the organization’s identity.

    Kevin Legara
    Author: Kevin Legara